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How to avoid disputes with bond refunds

How to avoid disputes with bond refunds ?

by Auckland Property Management

Howard Morley, Managing Director of Auckland Property Management Ltd talks about the best practice when explaining bond requirements and expectations to incoming and departing tenants.

Howard expands on the benefits of explaining your bond expectations to your new tenant once you have secured a good tenant for your rental property.

Ideas on how to avoid disputes on getting bond refunds

Most Landlords and tenants and property owners do not want a dispute about bond at the end of a tenancy. Ideally the bond refund/transfer should be sorted very easily and quickly.

Some of the most common complaints that go to the tenancy tribunal are complaints over disputes over bonds.

  1. Carry out a pre-move out inspection a number of weeks before the actual move out date.

If you have any doubt that the tenant is not going to leave the property in a tidy condition, based on earlier inspections of the property during the tenancy, then this pre-move out inspection is an excellent opportunity for you to advise the tenant of your expectations. You can detail the condition you expect the property to be left when vacated.

If the tenant is responsible for the upkeep of lawns and gardens make sure that the tenant understands that on the move out date in a few weeks’ time the lawns and gardens should be left as they were when the tenant took possession.

You can point out areas which need attention, for example a stain in the carpet or a mark on a wall which will need to be removed before the end of the tenancy.

You are in fact setting the scene for the inspection on the final day of the tenancy and therefore you should not have any surprises for yourself or the tenant.

You are also ensuring that you avoid the problem of not having the property in the condition you expected on the last day.

You need clarity over what your expectations are i.e. you are expecting the property back in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy, allowing for normal wear and tear.

  1. Clarity

Auckland Property Management Ltd use videos to accurately record all aspects of the property before a tenant takes possession and then a second video is taken when the tenant moves out.

If you have already explained what is expected of a tenant then you should not have any dispute on the final day of occupancy.

If you do need to spend some money on the property you will need to fully account for this with the tenant. A clear explanation beforehand will reduce arguments and discussion at the end of the tenancy.

This clarity will ensure a quick turnaround between one tenancies and the next.

If you have any question or issues regarding a pre move out inspection please contact Auckland Property Management Ltd., or visit our website. We look forward to sharing tips and ideas with you on how to maximise your investment property return.

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