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How to deal with maintenance issues

How to deal with maintenance issues in a tenanted investment property?

by Auckland Property Management

Howard Morley, Managing Director of Auckland Property Management Ltd. discusses:

How to deal with maintenance issues at a tenanted investment property.

Two questions that we at Auckland Property Management Ltd. are often asked by investment property owners are:

  1. How can I control the maintenance on my investment property
  2. Can I personally carry out maintenance at the property during a tenancy?

One of our aims at Auckland Property Management Ltd. is to keep a property 100% occupied at the highest possible rent that the market would consider fair and reasonable.

To achieve this aim of 100% occupancy and low maintenance, we need all systems/facilities and equipment at the property working 100% all of the time.

Realistically this sometimes cannot be achieved, particularly with older properties which require more maintenance than newer properties.

As a landlord you need a clear understanding with both your tenant and property manager that all maintenance issues (large or small) will be attended to promptly.

Plan well ahead, if you know painting is required or floor covering needs replacing plan to do this work between tenancies. This will also allow you time to get quotes and therefore get the job done for the best price.

How can we at Auckland Property Management Ltd. help?

We have a range of trade’s people that we have worked with for a number of years and who understand rental property maintenance time restraints. They know if they do the work on time and within the budget they are going to get paid.

Our aim at Auckland Property Management Ltd. is to get the work done promptly effectively and at the least possible cost while maintaining a good relationship with our tenants – who are paying the rent. We understand tenants also have busy personal and work commitments and we need to work with them very closely.


The very best time to do work on a property is between tenancies, this can usually be arranged to good effect and to the benefit of all concerned. Landscaping, replacement of old worn out flooring, hanging new blinds, light fitting replacement can all be planned well in advance. The painting of rooms can also be planned and ready to go.

With good planning you can minimise the vacancy period on your property allowing two days between tenancies when all this work can be carried out quickly and effectively without disrupting tenants.

Some Don’t

If you prefer to carry out maintenance yourself be very careful:

  1. Don’t ever visit the property without the required notice period
  2. Don’t leave a mess – be considerate of your tenants and tidy up after yourself
  3. Don’t visit or do work in the evening or the weekend, as this will usually break the rule of a tenant being legally entitled to the quite enjoyment of the property.

If you have any doubts at all our advice is don’t do it yourself, talk to your property manager who will liaise with the tenant and smooth the way for you.

We at Auckland Property Management Ltd. are here to help you, call us anytime.

For any related questions that you might have, feel free to contact Auckland Property Management Ltd in Auckland who has over 30 years’ experience managing properties all the way from Bombay to Orewa. Call us at 09 638 2500 or visit our page at


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