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Posted by Auckland Property Management on August 15, 2018 | Body Corporate, Newsletter

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Read our interview with Senior Body Corporate Manager Jaye Enright on the Strata Community New Zealand training course she recently attended.

Q1.  Who is Strata Community New Zealand and what is APM’s association with them?

Stata Community is an Australian chapter of the Community Association Institute (CAI) in the USA. Anyone involved in Body Corporates in NZ had to join the Australian chapter to gain professional development or knowledge. The CAI offered courses that were modified for Australian body corporates and this didn’t always fit in with our legislation.

A group dedicated to New Zealanders working with Bodies Corporate decided to set up a NZ Training course (NZ 100) supported/managed by the Australian chapter, and they formed a SCA NZ Education Advisory Board made up of lawyers, body corporate chairs, body corporate managers and SCA Australian trainers. Thus Strata Community New Zealand was born. All the SCA NZ education advisory board undertook the NZ 100 training course last year and this year they have offered it to all body corporate managers and interested parties. Auckland Property Management has been a member of SCA and value the work they do for raising the delivery of first class service to bodies corporate through training and future regulation of Body Corporate providers such as us. I jumped at the chance along with Tania Coster, Senior Body Corporate Manager, from our office when the course was offered to gain further knowledge to assist me working with my clients day to day.

Q2. In June, you attended the Strata Community NZ course ‘NZ100 – SCA Introduction to Living and Working in the Strata community’, what did you cover over the three days?

We covered topics around Community & Legislation Management along with Financial & Facility Management, the course was focused not so much about the legal requirements of Unit Titles Act or other legislation but helping our body corporate members (chairs, committees and owners) navigate the requirements and implementing them that best serves them and their wider community.

Q3. The course covered three key areas of BC management – Legal Basis for Community Associations, Community Management & Leadership, and Financial Management. Of those three areas what did you find the most interesting and why?

Community Management was the topic I got the most benefit out of as it covered the practical implementation of day to day management, operational rules, community updates from Committees, and getting long term benefits out of a little hard work and planning upfront with your committees.

Q4. What were the main points you took away from the course that members in a Body Corporate should know?

The importance of having your committee understand that it’s not meant to be complicated or onerous but to take a practical approach and not take on too much. With one step at a time, along with a lot of communication with your whole community, you can achieve harmonious living 99% of the time.

Q5. Is there anything you learnt that you would like to implement as part of your day-to-day role?

There was no one specific thing but I did learn a couple of tricks around drafting operational rules that I look forward to implementing when my committees are wanting to implement or update a rule. It would also be great to have the opportunity to become a NZ 100 Trainer so I can join my colleagues in sharing the knowledge, along with assisting where possible the new initiative from the Body Corporate Chairs’ Group (BCCG) in running courses for new/old committee members to be effective committees within body corporates.

Q6. Professional development a big part of being a Body Corporate Manager, how do you feel this course added to your development?

I’d like to say it is a big part of a Body Corporate Manager’s role however development courses have not been available in NZ other than via law firms that work specifically with the UTA so it’s been wonderful and very encouraging to complete this with the long term view of being certified with an industry recognised qualification if this is introduced.

You can learn more about Jaye on our website here.


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