APM Client E-Newsletter – February 2019

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Welcome to the February 2019 edition of the APM Client E-Newsletter.

Providing all that you need

Since I first started in the property management industry I have always tried to look for ways to increase the value I could bring to clients. Auckland Property Management is unique in that we are essentially a ‘one-stop shop’ by looking after most property management needs for clients, ranging from Residential, Commercial, and Body Corporate, to being able to provide the option for long and short term holiday rentals on Waiheke Island.

Providing a wide range of services means we are able to add value and benefits to our clients, in whatever sector they may be in on the property ladder.

  • In particular we are able to coordinate on behalf of owners with lawyers and accountants etc for those who have properties in the different areas of Commercial, Residential, and Bodies Corporate.
  • Clients who want to expand their portfolio can talk to us about how management works in the different areas – they are all different and require careful due diligence.
  • APM employees are specialists in their fields so we are able to offer experienced professional advice on the different investment areas. We do this through our seminars which will now be held monthly throughout 2019. Register for our first seminar on Increasing Equity and Ring-fencing here.
  • For ease of management our clients can deal with one company e.g if you have a commercial property attached to a residential property we are able to take care of both, or if you own a unit within an APM managed Body Corporate, we are able to manage the rental for you.
  • A big benefit to owners in Waiheke Island is the flexibility in management. We are the only place on Waiheke Island who can offer both short and long term management. Our Waiheke Escapes holiday accommodation division can look after rentals in high peak seasons, and our Waiheke Island residential team manages the longer-term rentals when the holiday season is quiet.

If you have questions about the management of your property whether it be Commercial, Residential, Body Corporate or Holiday accommodation, then give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Kind regards

Howard Morley

Managing Director
Auckland Property Management

Residential Property Management

Market indicators predict that Auckland investors can expect a good year in 2019. Driven by a lack of new housing plus an increase in population and general inflation, landlords may well benefit from the shortages in this supply/demand industry.  If an investor sells, it can often be to a home buyer so the pool of available rentals is shrinking.  Those who can recognise this opportunity are choosing to hold onto their properties.

Landlords who have been negatively geared – with their investments costing more to own than they made in rents – would be affected by ring-fencing of losses. They will no longer be able to use the loss from their rental properties to reduce the tax they paid on the rest of the income.

But that was not insurmountable.  We will be holding a seminar next month on exactly this topic, plus other ideas to increase the equity on your property. Register your attendance here.

Kind regards

Celia Burbery

General Manager – Property Management
Auckland Property Management

Power meters on your property

Does your rental property have the correct meter set up? If you have two properties on the one premises, you need to provide two separate power meters for each property. A single shared meter is a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act as utilities need to be able to be attributable to use by the tenants paying for the power. Talk to your Property Manager if you have any questions over the meters at your rented property.

Insulation by 1 July 2019

2019 is here, the year of the insulation compliance deadline. All rental properties, including private rentals, must have underfloor and ceiling insulation that meets the required standard where it can be practically installed. If your property does not have a certificate of compliance contact your Property Manager as soon as possible. With three years lead up time, the authorities will not hesitate to fine non-compliant landlords.

APM Property Investment Seminars

We will be holding a free property investment seminar every month from March this year! Our first one will have Roy Adams speaking on increasing equity and cashflow, and Lisa Murphy will be discussing pending legislation on ring-fencing. Join us for a mix and mingle with refreshments from 5.00pm on Tuesday 5 March. Presentations will start at 5.30pm with time for Q&A after.


Body Corporate Management

What a Body Corporate can do with Common Areas

The traditional summer vacation period was a great opportunity for us to stop and take the time to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. To smell the roses so to speak.

So we welcome you to 2019 and ask: could your Body Corporate, Residents’ Association, or Cross Lease property benefit by undertaking a thorough review of all the common area spaces this year in particular the grounds, gardens, as well as any shared foyer landing areas? Not necessarily just to fill these spaces with fragrant roses, but rather add a function, form, and aesthetic to the overall property for the benefit of all?

In multi-story apartment buildings for example, how is the common area foyer landing areas presented? Could these be beautified with the introduction of hired plants, furniture or wall paintings?

Read what a Body Corporate can do to care for the common areas.

Kind regards

Steven Garland

General Manager – Body Corporate
Auckland Property Management

Owner Portal and Body Corporate Webpage logins

If you weren’t already aware, Body Corporate, Residents’ Association, and Cross Lease Owners may have been set up with an online login for their individual unit or their Body Corporate so Owners are able to access information about their complex or unit at any time.

Owner Portal – This is where Owners can access information specific to their individual unit such as their account information ‘owner ledger’, financials, income and expenditure reports and balance sheets, etc.

Body Corporate Webpage – This is where Owners can access information important to a Body Corporate as a whole , such as meeting minutes, rules, insurance details and more.

If you have misplaced your logins for both of these areas, then please contact our reception on [email protected] or call us on 09 638 2500.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Health and Safety Risk Management

Recently we requested a site specific health and safety identification report from a security firm we had contracted to provide security services to a busy Auckland shopping centre. We received response from the firm’s Senior Operations & Compliance Manager which highlighted to us there is often serious confusion on the health and safety regulations and the roles around who enforces what. The Senior Operations & Compliance Manager stated that their firm is not seen as a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, and that the security firm’s role for their health and safety responsibilities is that of a contractor or subcontractor, and therefore did not need to provide us with site specific healthy and safety processes. This was not correct.

Read more on Commercial property Health and Safety roles.

Growing the APM Commercial Division

Thriving on past experiences in new business development and key account management in the IT and Telecommunications industries, Commercial Business Development Manager, Estela Guidote is starting an exciting journey to grow our Commercial Division. Learn how Estela is working with Howard to navigate the competitive commercial industry to build relationships with prospective clients.

Read more on Estela’s Commercial Business Development journey here.

APM Staff News

Welcome to Smita Ghate, who has joined our growing team here at APM. Smita is our new Commercial Property Accounts Administrator.

Smita Ghate

Commercial Property Accounts Administrator

7 Questions With….Liz Davey

Liz Davey, Senior Property Manager

Q. How long have you been in Property Management?
Aww a very long time 🙂

Q. Why did you pick Property Management as a career?
Every day is a different day, no two days are the same.

Q. What’s the most important task you do for your clients?
Creating a happy ending.

Q. What’s something all landlords should know if they are renting out their property?
There is always that one tenant that treats your home like it’s their own and when you get that tenant, you need to look after them. My longest tenant to date was 12 years and the home was returned to the owner in better condition than when they moved in.

Q. What do you like to do when you don’t have your Property Manager hat on?
Pop on my running shoes and head out to the trails and get lost in the wilderness for a couple of hours.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you have received?
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Q. What has been your proudest achievement?
Crossing over the finish line at the New York Marathon – an absolute amazing experience. The people of New York really get behind this event and you leave there walking on cloud 9.


Learn more about Liz here.

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