APM Client Newsletter – April 2022

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on April 21, 2022 | Company News, News, Newsletter

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Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the APM Client e-Newsletter.

In this edition we discuss:

  • A Word From Howard –  The Economy and Property Investment
  • APM Supports Sustainable Coastlines – We announce our new sponsorship
  • Residential Property Management – Proposed Regulation of Property Management, Property Valuations, and Healthy Homes Changes
  • Body Corporate Management – Differences between Residents’ Associations/Societies and Body Corporates.
  • Commercial Property Management – New Service Available – Facilities Management
  • Waiheke Escapes – Waiheke Escapes takes the protection of holiday homes seriously

A Word from Howard – The Economy and Property Investment

The webinars we recently hosted with Tony Alexander were informative, entertaining and enlightening. Tony was able to clearly relate how local and international factors can impact our economy both positively and negatively.

Reflecting on how his words of wisdom would impact on you, our clients, and what we at Auckland Property Management need to be looking out for, has been top of mind for me since the webinar.  We have written an overview on what Tony discussed which you can read here and below are a few key things I wanted to share with you after questions during the webinar regarding property investment.

The Value of your Portfolio
It is clear that the replacement cost of all buildings used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and the sites they occupy, are increasing by the day due to high costs of labour, materials, infrastructure, and delays in the consent process and supply lines. These factors will immediately have the effect of increasing the value of all existing residential, commercial or industrial buildings. The conclusion is that, with good management, what you already own has increased in value and should continue to increase in value.

Add to your portfolio
We are still short of good housing stock here in wider Auckland region (Wellsford to Te Kauwhata) and have good tenants for properties at current market rents. I know there is a shortage of rental properties but there are also opportunities arising from the current ‘buyers market’ and high numbers of building consents being issued.

New builds can have a big advantage over existing houses with tax breaks, interest deductibility etc. We have been notified of several new builds and we will be putting some of these up on our website shortly for those of you looking to increase your portfolios.

More Anti Investor Policies are Unlikely
The current steadying and, in some areas, decline in house prices and the weaknesses and difficulties for new house building were outlined by Tony as factors that would influence Government to not bring in any new ‘anti-investor’ policies. I view this as good news for all concerned and, from my past experience, Central Government can often get it wrong!

Rents will not fall
Rents have steadily risen over the last few years and this trend is likely to continue as the impacts outlined above affect the stock of rental homes.

There is no big investor switch underway
Tony noted that in recent months there had been a rise in the intentions of investors to purchase residential properties, but this trend does not seem to impact on investors’ intentions regarding other property types.

Residential House Prices Will Not Crash
For house prices to crash, Tony pointed out that there needs to be more than just buyers holding back, there also needs to be sellers stepping forward to off load stock. New Zealand wide there doesn’t seem to be evidence of this happening. The webinar with Tony highlighted what I had thought was happening in Auckland, that investors haven’t been rushing to sell their properties.

An idea to share with you
I enjoy reading Tony’s free weekly reports (Tony’s View). They are full of insightful discussion on the New Zealand economy and are worth subscribing to. You can learn more about Tony’s publications here.

Property investment is a long-term strategy and if we can be of help with your property assets, then let us know. We have over 30 years’ experience managing property such as residential rentals, commercial properties, body corporates, residents’ associations and Waiheke Island holiday homes. Contact our team today if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Kind regards

Howard Morley

Auckland Property Management

APM Supports Sustainable Coastlines

Our team told us they wanted to support an environmental initiative so, after consultation with them, we have landed on an organisation that we are pleased to get behind. We are proud to announce that APM is now a bronze sponsor of Sustainable Coastlines and that, for every new client signed up, we will be donating funds to support clean-up events, educational programmes and catchment based freshwater restoration. More information about this initiative can be found here.

Kind regards

Bill Highet

Managing Director
Auckland Property Management

Residential Property Management

Regulations for Property Management

Are you aware of the recent push in our industry for regulation of Property Managers? The proposed legislation is now building momentum so Residential Property Management General Manager Celia Burbery gives a brief outline of the proposed regime.

Click here to learn more.

Kind regards

Celia Burbery

General Manager – Property Management
Auckland Property Management

Property Valuations at the click of a button

Did you know that you are able to source your current property rating valuations easily and online? Visit the Auckland Council website here for more details.

Changes to Healthy Homes Finalised

Legislation changes to the Healthy Homes Standards have been finalised and will come into effect from 12 May 2022. Read more about the changes via the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development here.

Body Corporate Management

Differences Between a Residents’ Association or Residents’ Society and a Body Corporate

It’s hard not to notice the amount of development occurring around Auckland suburban streets. Most of these will be Residents Associations (RA) or Residents Societies (RS) rather than Body Corporate developments. So what makes a multi-unit development like a RA or RS different? Our Body Corporate General Manager Steve Garland outlines the key differences in these types of developments such as the structure, common areas, and ownership.
Click here to read more.

Kind regards

Steven Garland

General Manager – Body Corporate
Auckland Property Management

Commercial Property Management

New Service Available – Facilities Management

We are excited to announce our new service offering of Facilities Management to our Commercial and Body Corporate clients. Our Commercial Property Management General Manager, James Bangerter, highlights the services that our new Facilities Manager Deon Thuynsma can provide such as project management of specialist works, long term maintenance planning, health and safety monitoring, and building management.

Click here to learn how a Facilities Manager could help you.

Kind regards

James Bangerter

General Manager – Commercial Property
Auckland Property Management

Waiheke Escapes

Waiheke Escapes takes the protection of holiday homes seriously

At Waiheke Escapes, we check our properties before guest check-in, after guest check-out, and after commercial cleans to ensure everything is in top shape, as well as checking after storms for property damage and throughout the year for owner maintenance reports.

Chat to our team today about the management of your Waiheke holiday home because, with our experience, we will have those risks covered for you.

[email protected]

+64 09 638 2551



You can also take a look at our full list of properties on the website here or contact our Holiday Accommodation Managers on [email protected] if you have any queries.

APM News

Bank Account Notifications and Changes

Our cybercrime insurance policy requires us to confirm that ”all requests to alter supplier and customer details including bank account details are independently checked with a known contact for authenticity”.  Therefore if someone in our team receives an email from you requesting a change to your bank account number, another team member will call you or a known person in your organisation to verbally check the number.

Staff News

Celebrating APM Anniversaries

Congratulations to Tracy Zhu, Michelle Richards, and Geraldine Hannaford, who all recently celebrated their five year working anniversary with us.

Meet our new Team Members

Welcome to the team to our new members!

Amy Ang

Senior Property Manager

Learn more about Amy here

Deon Thuynsma

Facilities Manager

Learn more about Deon here

Rebekah Liu

Accounts Administrator

Learn more about Rebekah here

Daryl Dumbong

Business Development Cadet

Learn more about Daryl here

Yavashni Chetty

Body Corporate Administrator

Learn more about Yavashni here

7 Questions With…Geraldine Hannaford

Q 1. How long have you been working in the body corporate industry?

15 years in Body Corporate Management.

Q 2. What has been the most rewarding aspect of working in Body Corporate management?

Working alongside owners/committees to resolve and achieve the best outcome, whether undergoing remediation or improving their asset and property.

Q 3. What does your typical day look like as a Body Corporate Manager?

Extremely busy, these are some tasks but not limited to: wading through numerous emails and queries, planning for Annual General Meetings and/or Committee Meetings, forecasting expenditure for Body Corporates, preparing draft budgets, reviewing financial reports, arranging quotes for insurance, arranging quotes for repairs, liaising with owners, liaising with contractors, processing and coding invoices, chairing meetings and noting then issuing minutes. Receiving calls from owners who need assistance with issues, assisting with insurance claims, checking and ensuring Pre Contract and Pre Settlement disclosures are correct and up to date. Liaising with lawyers and/or real estate agents in respect of property sales.

Q 4. What’s your favourite season and why?

Spring – I enjoy the bursting open of flowers and in particular Kōwhai after the gloom of winter, watching the Tūī birds go mad on drinking the nectar of the Kōwhai, and experiencing the warmth of the sun as it increases during spring heading into summer. I also enjoy the longer days in spring, more time on the beach, and getting excited as summer draws nearer with Christmas and holiday season to look forward to.

Q 5. What is your favourite dish to cook/eat?

Fresh seasonal veges and salad from our home grown garden.

Q 6. What is the best advice you have received?

What’s for you won’t go past you.

Q 7. What is something that you would really like to do (e.g. something on a bucket list)?

Too many things to name!


Click here to learn more about Geraldine.

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