APM Tenant Quarterly Report – March 2019

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on March 17, 2019 | Company News, Newsletter, Tenants

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Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the APM Tenant Quarterly Report. A quarterly newsletter dedicated to news, information, and insights for our tenants.

In this edition:

  • Airbnb Subletting Prohibition – Refund to Landlords
  • Emailing Your Property Manager
  • Book your Inorganic Collection
  • Know our Rent Arrears Policy
  • Are you covered by insurance?
  • Moving? Here’s what you should do

Airbnb Subletting Prohibition – Refund to Landlords

Unfortunately we have recently had tenants sublet their rented property via Airbnb. We know that it is often tempting for tenants but did you know that it is prohibited and against your Tenancy Agreement? Recently articles have outlined that tenants have had to pay their Airbnb profits back to their landlords. Make sure you adhere to your Tenancy Agreements and if you have any questions over this issue then discuss it with your Property Manager.

Emailing your Property Manager

Please ensure when you are emailing your property manager you email them directly on their assigned email address. The system we use to email our tenants has recently been updated which has resulted in some changes in how our Property Managers receive emails. Please check you are not emailing to ‘[email protected]’ which you may have previously done in the past. If this email address has been saved, please delete and add in your Property Manager’s direct email.

Book your Inorganic Collection

Have you been doing a bit of Marie Kondo-ing lately? Then it’s time to check when your area is having its inorganic collection week.

For more information, or to book your collection, click here.

Know our Rent Arrears Policy

In accordance to the RTA, tenants are required to pay their rent by the date/day as noted in the Tenancy Agreement and must always be in advance.

If you have any difficulty paying your rent, please contact your property manager as soon as possible. We follow a strict Rent Arrears Policy which you would have been made aware of when you signed your Tenancy Agreement, as a reminder you can take a look at the policy here.

Are you covered by Insurance?

A reminder that it’s important to have contents insurance when you are renting. Give yourself an extra level of protection as you never know when a sticky situation may arise!

Moving? Here’s what you should do

Moving is always a big job, but being organised can help minimise the hassle.  Below are some helpful points of action to get you ready for your move!

  • Giving Notice – You are required by law to give notice to your Property Manager in writing and according to the notice period outlined in your Tenancy Agreement. To assist you, your Property manager will send you an email outlining your current financial details with what is left to be owed before your vacate date.
  • Mail Redirection – Contact New Zealand Post if you want to have a redirection service to your mail. Sometimes you forget exactly what you have subscribed to, or what gets mailed to you so this often helps you buy time to update your address.
  • Utilities – Your electricity, gas, phone, internet ect providers need to be contacted to let them know you are moving. They will be able to send you final invoices as per the date you give of vacating. You don’t want someone else using what you are paying for!
  • Hand over Keys – Your tenancy ends at midnight on your last day. Your Property Manager will ask that ALL sets of keys are returned, make sure you collect all extra sets you have had cut during your tenancy.
  • Automatic Payments – Ensure you cancel any automatic payments you have created to pay your rent.
  • Get Cleaning – Make sure to clean the place from head to toe in order to leave it nice for the next tenants. You will need to ensure the inside and outside of the property is clean and tidy and all rubbish has been removed. Also pay close attention to the outside/any damage that has been caused by having a pet at the property.
  • Bond Refund – You will be asked to complete a Bond Refund form and once the final inspection has been completed, and all outstanding costs have been finalised, you will be refunded the bond from MBIE – once the form has been received by MBIE they allow 3-5 days to refund your bond.

If you have any questions about moving, please feel free to contact your Property Manager.