Auckland Property Management’s Rescue Helicopter Mission

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on August 27, 2020 | Company News, News

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Written by Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
Auckland Property Management is proud to support the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Friday evening Janet started feeling dizzy. This was not brought on by anything in particular and she hoped this would pass with a good night’s sleep. She awoke the next morning still feeling unwell and a few more symptoms started to arise. Janet began feeling nauseous and noticed a pain in her right arm that caused trouble when trying to butter some bread. This prompted her to ring the GP and ask for a professional opinion. The nurse on call took down all of the information and said she’d call back. The phone rang just five minutes later notifying Janet that an ambulance was on the way.

A minor pre-existing heart condition was the only potential culprit. The ambulance arrived just 15 minutes later around 11:20am. They immediately took her blood pressure and found that it was quite high. After a few moments of discussion the paramedics had made the swift decision to call the helicopter.

“I felt my anxiety levels were rising fast and I was resisting.” Janet told ARHT. “I was feeling a strong resistance to going into the helicopter. The ambulance paramedic told me to “please know that that we don’t make these decisions lightly, due to the cost of calling over a helicopter, and we do find that people from Waiheke often resist coming with us even if we have placed the red flags and know it’s the best decision for you.” “I really valued them saying that to me, because that immediately brought some calm and reduced a considerable amount of my anxiety. “

From L-R: Waiheke patient Janet Meredith, ARHT representative Arthur Brewer, and APM Waiheke Property Managers Amie Russell and Rebecca Tomczyk.


After the quick handover to the helicopter the burning question on Janet’s mind was if her partner could come with her to Auckland City Hospital. The answer this time was yes, due to the new larger AW 169 helicopters that are in use. “It was like taking some of my safe space with me.” Janet added when speaking about the helicopter crew “They were considerate, listened to me and were sympathetic. I felt cared for. I’d like to say to everyone that it is quite natural to feel that resistance (to going) but try to push through that anxious feeling (that could also exacerbate your condition), because you ARE going for good reason.”

After being greeted by the smiling staff at ACH Janet spent just a few hours getting tests done and was luckily back at home that same evening.

Fortunately this trip had a happy outcome and these issues were just a blip on what was an otherwise normal weekend. We at ARHT want to thank Janet for letting us use her story as an example of how we handle this sort of situation.

Another massive thank you goes to Howard and the team at Auckland Property Management for sponsoring this mission. They started supporting in 2002 and since 2017 they have been funding full missions. Howard would like to share that he “hopes other Waiheke Island Businesses that aren’t already supporting the choppers, follow Auckland Property Management and support this vital service.”


We would like to extend a big thanks from Auckland Property Management to Janet and Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust for allowing us to share their story.

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