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Geraldine Hannaford

Geraldine Hannaford

Senior Body Corporate Manager

Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others…

“Life is about balance, enjoying yourself and putting 100% into whatever you are doing.

Senior Body Corporate Manager Geraldine Hannaford has been in the industry for over 13 years.Coming from a background in mortgage, finance, insurance and conveyancing law,Geraldine’s knowledge and experience give her a solid grounding as an astute Body Corporate Manager.

Dedicated to her owners in the complexes she manages,Geraldine approaches problems with a positive attitude, consistently going the extra mile to swiftly find a resolution for all parties.

Geraldine’s current portfolio consists of residential, commercial and hotel complexes. She has extensive experience dealing with both new builds and remediation works, and has a solid network of reliable trades to call on.

Geraldine is active by nature, passionate about fitness, HIIT, spin and boxing.  She loves getting out into nature, walking and kayaking.Family focused,Geraldine enjoys spending time with her partner, children and grandchildren.”


“As our Body Corporate Manager, Geraldine Hannaford was impressive from the outset. She chairs a highly focussed and productive AGM for a diverse range of people. She avoids being side-tracked, producing well-informed and conclusive answers when questioned, but invites discussion when appropriate. On a more personal level, she is always helpful and reassuring if one needs information, clarification or advice on a matter of concern. As an elderly, single, apartment owner, I am extremely grateful for her services.”
– Susan Waddell

Contact Details

M: 021 242 2389
E: [email protected]