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Lana Malanina

Lana Malanina

Body Corporate Administrator


Lana joined the team in mid-2014 in an Accounts Payable position, and she is now a Body Corporate Administrator, adding another experienced and cheerful member to apm.

Lana prides herself on her ability to be versatile and adapt to new environments, based on what the situation calls for. She believes these skills grew over time, as a result of her personal experience in a number of different roles both in Russia and New Zealand.

Before moving to New Zealand in 2008, Lana graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Economics, and worked as an Account Manager for 7 years for a company connected to the FESCO Transportation Group. She lived in various cities throughout Russia, following where her heart led her, until she arrived in New Zealand- the place that she loves most. Svetlana spent 6 years working on numerous projects in New Zealand, before joining apm.

Lana believes that her values and qualities allow her to entertain and inspire people from all walks of life. She is gentle and prides herself on her steadfastness and the quality of her work.

Lana’s hobbies include sporting activities such as jogging, kayaking and roller blading. She loves to meet new people, and has no problem making new friends due to her bubbly and entertaining nature- true to the meaning of her name, which translates as ‘light & shining’.

Lana’s motto is “We don’t live in a house or street or city or country, we always live in the front lines of our life.”

Contact Details

DDI: 09 638 2546
E: lana[email protected]