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New Owners


For day to day issues and general enquiries regarding the management of your body corporate we request new owners and existing owners to please contact your Body Corporate Manager. Click here for a list of our Body Corporate Managers.



Our default delivery method for all correspondence, including levy invoices, is email. I addition to being much faster than ordinary post, this policy helps us control administration expenses for the body corporate by reducing postage and stationery costs. This of course does mean that it is vital that our email address records are up to date so please inform us if your email address changes .
We appreciate that not all proprietors have email facilities available and that some may still choose to receive hard copy correspondence, therefore if you are a new owner and we do not have an email address for you, or you tick the ‘Please post all correspondence’ box in the ‘Update Contact Details’ webpage, then we will post all correspondence to you.



Paying Levies

Your body corporate levies are due on a quarterly, six monthly, or annual basis in advance this is determined by owners at each Annual General Meeting. A levy invoice will be sent to you via email or post (you choose). The due date of this levy will be shown on the invoice.

It is very important when making levy payments via automatic payment (AP) or internet banking to provide your unique reference that identifies your payment. Your reference number is located on the payment slip at the bottom of all levy notices or invoices alongside the bank account number. For payments by AP and internet banking please use the following account details:

apm – Body Corporate Trust Account

Number:   12-3111-0005676-004

If your bank requires 2 numbers for the suffix please enter 04.

When making payments to our bank account please use your unique reference number to identify your payment and display the information on our statement in the following format;

Particulars       = Reference Number ONLY

Code                = BC Number (Please ensure that you enter BC before the number)

Reference       = Your Surname

PLEASE NOTE – Cheques are no longer accepted

If you need to make a levy payment you also have the option to pay online via our website.  Click on the button below and it will take you to an online form and payment platform. Please note that a 2.75% credit card transaction surcharge will be applied automatically and will be added to the total levy payment.




Overdue levies

Most owners pay their levies on time, those that don’t can cause the body corporate to default on supplier and service provider payments resulting in overdue penalty costs or even service interruption. This places an unfair burden on the rest of the members of the body corporate who have paid their levies on time. Sections 124, 125, 126, 127 and 128 of the Unit Titles Act (2010) empowers the body corporate to recover both outstanding levies plus any costs incurred in recovering outstanding levies.

In the unlikely event that you ever defaulted on levy payments please be aware that significant penalties including interest on outstanding amounts, debt administration fees plus collection costs can be recovered from you. Paying your levies on time should always be a priority payment such as paying a mortgage or the electricity bill.

Always contact your manager if you believe you may not be able to pay your levies by the due date.