Building Warrant of Fitness for your Body Corporate

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on October 9, 2019 | Body Corporate, News

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Body Corporate General Manager Steven Garland discusses the importance of a Building Warrant of Fitness for your Body Corporate

Have you ever seen a certificate displayed in a public area of your Body Corporate and wondered why it was there, or what it was for? You would have seen what is called a building warrant of fitness (BWOF).

A BWOF is an annual certificate that confirms that:

  • Specified systems in your building have been inspected and maintained.
  • Requirements of the compliance schedule have been met.

A Body Corporate’s responsibility is to:

  • Engage an independent qualified person (IQP) to inspect and certify the specified systems.
  • Display a copy of the BWOF certificate within the public area of the building.
  • Provide Council with a copy of the BWOF and IQP certificate(s) of compliance.

Historically, Councils have done a poor job of auditing the warrants of fitness given to buildings (BWOF). For thousands of buildings across New Zealand, Councils aren’t sure of what safety systems they have that require checks or tests, because the compliance schedules are wrong. In Auckland, the Council is now taking a more hands on approach, and its current auditing processes have shaken up the IQP’s to some degree as there are many who have not evolved in the current business environment to have electronic record keeping or cloud based solutions.

Problems with Body Corporate compliance schedules are now being addressed (slowly). The Council intends to inform building owners 3 – 4 weeks in advance that they are conducting a building inspection and that it would be ideal that the IQP be present at the Audit. Any subsequent feedback will then need to be followed up and annual reporting with Council and the IQP finalised.

Auckland Property Management is keeping our eye on the ball as these changes flush through the system, as we are talking with and bringing in to our team meetings our IQP companies to ensure that we are on top of the increased scrutiny that Council is bringing to building owners. The Council’s goal is to modernise the entire BWOF system by basically making it pro-active, up to date with supporting documentation, and rigorous. We support that and so do our IQP partners.

Kind regards

Steven Garland

General Manager – Body Corporate
Auckland Property Management

If you have any questions about your Body Corporate’s Building Warrant of Fitness, contact your Body Corporate Manager, or contact is via the form below.