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Implications of COVID-19 to Residential Landlords

Auckland Property Management is aware that landlords have concerns as we work through the current global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  It is our intention to continue working for our landlords (albeit remotely) by reducing risks associated with the current national self-isolation period.   Since talking to property owners over the past few days, we have answered ...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Property Management

One of the most important decisions a landlord will make is whether to manage their rental property themselves or enlist the services of a professional property manager. While ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) property management may sound easy enough, it can actually be quite complex and there are potential traps. One of the biggest issues facing ...
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Essential Information in a Tenancy Agreement

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Do you know the estimated useful life of your investment property’s chattels?

If you own a rental property then you should be familiar with the chattels of the house. Chattels refer to removable items that are not fixed to the property that can be depreciated separately e.g. fridge, stove, dishwasher, blinds, carpets, and curtains, just to name a few. All chattels have a shelf life and it ...
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How much bond for a property is taken and what happens to it?

A maximum of four weeks rent for a bond may be charged to tenants, and once received (generally before the tenants move into the property), the bond should be lodged with the Department of Building and Housing within 23 working days. If a landlord does not use the services of a Property Manager there is ...
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How do you determine the best rent for a property?

When meeting an investment owner for the first time at their rental property, we provide them with a rent income assessment or comparative market analysis. We always strive to get you the best rent price possible, however we must also keep in mind that we have to set the correct market rent in order to ...
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