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auckland property management's howard morley talks about maintenance in tenanted property

How to deal with maintenance issues in a tenanted investment property

Jul 23, 2018 Video Blog
Howard Morley, Managing Director of Auckland Property Management Ltd. discusses: How to deal with maintenance issues at a tenanted investment property. Two questions that we at Auckland Property Management Ltd. are often asked by investment property owners are: How can I control the maintenance on my investment property Can I personally carry out maintenance at ...
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celia burbery from Auckland Property Management talks about the new fire alarm standards for rental properties

New Smoke Alarm Legislation 2016

What is the New Smoke Alarm Legislation? The government is working toward changes in the Residential Tenancy Act that make rental properties warmer, safer and healthier for tenants, including this new smoke alarm legislature. The new legislature requires landlords to have smoke alarms checked at the beginning of each tenancy and to be installed according ...
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Recent Compliance Changes and Issues – Smoke Alarms, Meth and Property Insulation

Celia Burbery, General Manager, at Auckland Property Management, explains three recent compliance changes and issues in property management.  In this three video series, she helps landlords, property managers and tenants better understand changes to do with smoke alarms, meth issues and property insulation. Smoke Alarms As of July 1, 2016, the Residential Tenancies Act dictates ...
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How to choose the right Property Manager?

Finding property managers Being able to choose the right property manager is just as important, and can be just as difficult, as finding the right tenants for your property.  While searching for the right property manager, doing research is a great starting point.  Information on property managers can be found online, in the newspaper, or ...
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celia burbery from auckland property management tells us how to choose the right rent amount

How to set the rent to avoid having a vacant investment property?

Pricing  your property When a property first becomes available is the time when you will have the most amount of potential tenants looking at your property. There will be a number of tenants sitting in the market waiting for a property like yours to become available. It is very important at this early stage to ...
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