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Community Grants & Projects

Our years of experience managing commercial property provide us with insight on how commercial property can benefit from community grant funding. Commercial property is unique where often the case is that commercial property can be situated in a manner integral to its community. A good example would be a retail shop situated in a local town centre.

“Community grant funding is a great way of improving the community your commercial property is situated at. We understand that we can improve your community by improving your property premises.”

Often property owners do not know where to begin in their quest for such funding, let alone how to complete grant funding applications. Our team of commercial property managers have the industry knowledge on how to acquisition grand funding, where available and the experience to complete funding applications.

Commercial Property Experts

Howard Morley - Director

Anita Menzies

Jo Anderson

Estela Guidote

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Orewa Town Centre


Bearpark Childcare Centre

Clendon Shopping Centre


“Since APM has come on board to manage the Clendon complex we have seen great improvements and urgency to achieve results.
The work undertaken has not only lifted shopper confidence to return to the complex it has also meant a better and safer environment for employees of our site.I feel that throughout the process, APM has done a great job of collaborating and consulting with tenants and other community partners to ensure that the work undertaken has buy-in and shared decisions.
We look forward to their continued professionalism and leadership.”
Steve Robertson , Clendon Warehouse