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Estela Guidote

Estela Guidote

Commercial Property Business Development Manager
Commercial Property Manager


“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

Estela has been living in New Zealand since 2003 and has been involved in the IT and Telecommunications industry for most of her career. She was a residential real estate broker/agent overseas, and was looking for the opportunity to get her foot into the real estate and property management industry here in NZ.

As Business Development Manager for the Commercial Team, Estela brings to the role her experience as a sales and marketing professional with success in new business development (including having secured a significant sale from a major Council), key account management, client retention/renewals, repeat business, operations, and administration. Her expertise includes cross-selling and up-selling ensuring revenue growth of any company that she joins.

Based on her professional sales experiences overseas and in NZ, she became a Sales Training Manager and Customer Support Manager respectively for some NZ, Australian, U.S. and Japanese companies in the past.  She “walks the talk” as she exceeds her sales targets and KPIs for her clientele base or customers, channel partners and prospective end-users.

Estela is excited and enthused about working in the Commercial Property industry. She believes that her great relationship building and relationship management skills will make her successful in any undertaking or endeavour she takes on. Estela loves talking to people and is a tenacious and resilient type of a person with a strong team spirit and adaptable to any environment that she gets into.

A fun-loving person but seriously dedicated to her work and have passion in what she does on a daily basis. For her, “work should be fun” however, she knows how business gets done and done right!

Hobbies and interests are collecting DVDs and CDs (watching movies & listening to music), travelling, cooking and baking, composing songs or music, dancing, and sports such as volleyball, basketball, table tennis, swimming, biking, and golf.



”Since I first met with Estela to discuss the annoying management issues of my shops in Papakura, I knew that this time I already found the right company. APM and Estela as my business tenancy management representatives, have always performed professionally, with patience and with an objective attitude. So far, we cooperate very well with each other. I had a very positive experience with them. I look forward to their continued professionalism and leadership”.
– Nick Lam, Nick Lcs Investment Limited

“It has been great dealing with Estela. Very co operative and the response is so quick. Amazing job, highly recommended the service provided from Estela.”
– Mohd Waseem, Commercial Tenant

“Hunting for a good and reliable property management company is a daunting task. Auckland Property Management Ltd absolutely ticks all the boxes for an efficient and effective property management group. Dealing with their completely professional Commercial Property Manager Estela Guidote has saved me a great deal of frustration and not to mention stress.  Estela has provided me with helpful advice and had always followed up and carried out any enquiries I have made. All communication has been prompt and efficient. Auckland Property Management Ltd has to be recommended without hesitation to anyone contemplating the rental of their residential and commercial property. The team’s professionalism certainly sets a standard that many other real estate agents could aspire to. You have to be congratulated.”
– Sinnaiah Arasan, Commercial Property Owner

Contact Details

DDI: 09 638 2556

M: 021 528 218

E: [email protected]