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Rent & Arrears Collection

“Daily monitoring of tenant payments ensuring immediate response to any default payment.”

One of the most important aspects of commercial property investment is to make sure that your rent is collected on time, every month.  It is important because, like any other business, commercial property investment can also produce an excellent profit, and; it is optimum collection of rent which will determine your profit.

The rent you collected from your commercial property investment is yours to pay your property’s mortgage or to invest in value adding capital upgrades for your property. When managing commercial property investments, it is very important that any operational expenses of the building are not funded through your rent funds.

Successfully managed commercial property often means you will make profit from your rental income and not only from capital appreciation of your property. Our team of commercial property experts can guide you on, how to optimise your rent collection. Thereby, we will make sure that your commercial property investment return is positively geared.

“We have a Zero Tolerance policy towards rent arrears.”

If a tenant does get behind in their rent payments we immediately alert the tenant and follow up daily.  When required,we issue demand notices and PLA notices upon your request.

“Our track record in collection of arrears is exceptional were we have successfully collected 18 months of arrears in only 3 weeks.”


Commercial Property Experts

Howard Morley - Director

Jo Anderson

Anita Menzies

Estela Guidote

Orewa Town Centre


Bearpark Childcare Centre

Clendon Shopping Centre


This company is very efficient in their work and is always ready to help us when we needed them. Commercial property manager Anita Menzies was able to quickly resolve a complicated,18 month-long case between me and one of my clients in three weeks. Their experience in dealing with the issue allowed both sides to reach a satisfying outcome. Overall, I had a very positive experience with them.
Grace Du, Commercial property owner - Dominion Road