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Tenant Side Management

“Whether you are a small business owner needing assistance with managing your business premise and facilities, or a multi-site franchisor needing management of all your business premises,proper management of your business premise can often be the foundation to your business success.”

Our commercial property management team provides property management services that are also tenant side. What this means is we not only look after landlords, but also tenants. Our 20 years in commercial property management has given us the knowledge and experience to realise just how important it is to also offer property management services to tenants.

We understand the intricacies of operating a business and we have appreciation of the risks business are exposed to when committing to a business premise.We also appreciate that the success of your business can be dependent on your business premise and costs of the premise.

Our expert team of commercial property managers can not only liaise with your landlord, but can also listen to your goals, assess your current position and together with you put in place a property solution to make sure you achieve your goals.

Commercial Property Experts

James Bangerter

Orewa Town Centre


Bearpark Childcare Centre

Clendon Shopping Centre


“Since APM has come on board to manage the Clendon complex we have seen great improvements and urgency to achieve results.
The work undertaken has not only lifted shopper confidence to return to the complex it has also meant a better and safer environment for employees of our site.I feel that throughout the process, APM has done a great job of collaborating and consulting with tenants and other community partners to ensure that the work undertaken has buy-in and shared decisions.
We look forward to their continued professionalism and leadership.”
Steve Robertson , Clendon Warehouse