Important APM Tenant Reminders – Swimming Pool Regulations, Brazier Use, Tank Water

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on December 13, 2018 | Property Management, Tenants

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Please read the below important reminders to ensure you keep your friends and loved ones safe this summer.

Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Regulations
Outdoor Braziers and Pizza Ovens
Conserve your tank water

Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Regulation Reminder

It’s tempting to purchase an inflatable or portable swimming pool over the summer but you need to ensure you are adhering to the regulations. If the rules are not complied with, the Council will issue a notice to comply and hefty fines. Any fines issued to owners due to tenants putting up pools that do not comply will be on charged to the tenants. Plus you don’t want any drownings at your place this summer.

As a reminder:

  • All swimming pools must have a 1.2 meter fixed childproof fence with a self-closing gate opening outwards.
  • The garden hose is to have a non-return valve on it to prevent water flowing back into the mains supply when the pool is being filled.
  • Any pool, fixed or portable, deeper than 40cm is now subject to safety provisions under the Building Act which provides for a $5000 fine if the local council inspector finds an unsafe pool area.

These laws apply to all pools that are 40cm or deeper. Even if they are less than 40cm deep and despite being exempt from the act, they should be emptied daily so they do not present a drowning hazard. Children must be supervised at all times near any pool or body of water. No one wants a tragedy to occur; it takes less than a minute for a child to drown.

Any swimming pool that you purchase should outline the responsibilities of owning a pool. There are also fencing rules surrounding spa pools. If you own a spa pool please ensure your spa pool is compliant. You must have the home owner’s written approval to install any fencing and have a pool at the property. Please note that we expect anyone (tenant or landlord) who has a swimming pool at their property to comply with the swimming pool rules.

The above does not outline all the Auckland Council rules and if you are thinking of purchasing a pool or already own a pool or spa pool ensure it complies with all the necessary laws. These can be found on the Auckland City Council website and take a look at the Pool Area Safety Checklist to ensure you are compliant.

Outdoor Brazier or Pizza Ovens

If you own a brazier or pizza oven, before you toast those marshmallows or make homemade pizzas, make sure you adhere to Auckland Council’s and Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s fire regulations, you will need to ensure you are not lighting a fire during a fire ban. More information at and

Conserve your tank water

We are in for a hot Summer so please try to conserve your water usage if you are on tank water.


If you have any questions relating to any of the above reminders, please contact your Property Manager.