Insulation – What scenario do you fit into?

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on December 12, 2018 | Company News, News, Newsletter, Property Management

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As a property management company it is our job to look out for our clients properties and make sure they adhere to current and incoming legislations.

The minimum insulation requirement of ceiling and underfloor insulation has the looming deadline of 1 July 2019. Below are a few scenarios we have come across in the insulation journey which may help clarify your situation.

My rental property does not have insulation so is not yet compliant

Authorise your property manager to organise an insulation check of your property. This means a third party professional will audit the property and provide the best course of action. You will need to insulate the rental property/ies to meet the minimum standards and R-value measurement (how well it resists heat flow). According to Tenancy Services, Auckland is allocated in Zone 1 and if insulation is installed after 1 July 2016 then insulation must meet minimum requirements of Ceiling R 2.9, and Underfloor R 1.3. More information on this can be found on the Tenancy Services website here:

My rental property has insulation but I am unsure if it is compliant

In some cases we have found that a Landlord has insulated the property however it still does not meet the new legislation requirements and may need topping up. Your property manager can organise for a third party professional to audit your current insulation. Insulation needs to be in a reasonable condition. The R-value standard required is dependent on when the property was insulated originally, and the location (as mentioned above Auckland is in Zone 1 so must meet the Zone 1 requirements). If the property was insulated before 1 July 2016 then the minimum R-value is different to a property being insulated after 1 July 2016 – check the requirements here:

My rental property has insulation and is compliant

Good work for being organised! Since you are compliant that means you will have signed an insulation statement or have a certificate of compliance from a third party insulation contractor. You will need to provide a copy of this to your property manager if you have not already. You can relax knowing you don’t have to worry about tenant exemplary damage claims for non-compliant insulation.

My rental property is exempt from installing insulation

If your property is legally justifiably exempt from insulation requirements that means it is not reasonably practical or possible to install insulation. Examples of this are some apartments, houses constructed on concrete slabs, and homes with skillion roofs. More information on exceptions here:


Landlords who do not meet the deadline of 1 July 2019 may face paying a penalty of $4,000.00. Don’t let that be you! If you are not compliant, or you are unsure of the requirements please contact your property manager as soon as possible. We foresee that insulation contractors will be very busy from January onwards.