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Residential Home Owners Insurance

Home owners;  If you are a home owner and reading this, you have in some way a connection with Auckland Property Management Ltd. Perhaps you have a unit in a Body Corporate, or a residential or commercial property that we manage. Whatever the connection, you can join many of our other clients and access, “Multicover”, a unique insurance package for house, contents and car insurance underwritten by VERO New Zealand Ltd and brokered by Marsh Ltd. At Auckland Property Management Ltd we are always looking for ways to add value for our clients. In 2014 we choose Marsh Ltd as our preferred insurance supplier and one of the benefits is that our clients can access their “Multicover” domestic insurance package. The scope of cover has been specially negotiated to produce a unique product with features other insurance products don’t have. Coupled with the fact that Marsh Ltd has a large client base, the prices negotiated for this unique product are very competitive. Furthermore, if you wish to pay your insurance premiums by monthly instalments, (even from your credit card), there is no extra charge, unlike other insurance offers. Wrapped in a high level of professional service from Marsh in respect of personal advice and ongoing customer care, Auckland Property Management think this is a very compelling insurance offer for our clients.

Mortgage protection insurance

If meeting mortgage commitments are reliant upon you and or your partner working, you should consider mortgage repayment insurance, so that in the event of illness, accident or death these payments can be met, or the loans repaid in full.

Loss of income insurance

If meeting financial commitments, such as the cost of living and supporting a family, is reliant upon you and or your partner working, you should consider loss of income insurance so that in the event of illness or accident these costs can be meet.

Life insurance, crisis, trauma and Total and Permanent Disability

If you, your partner or dependents would suffer financial hardship in the event of one, or both dying, becoming ill with a serious or terminal illness, or incapacitated through a permanent disability, then we recommend looking at insurance to take away the financial risks. All too often people will insure a $10,000 car because of the costs of an accident, but the financial loss of death, serious illness or injury have far greater consequences and normally have a much longer affect.

Want to know more?

If you want any assistance in these areas, we suggest you contact either Gayleen Mackinnon or Peter van Baarle of Marsh Insurance Brokers for further information. Gayleen, Peter and the team at Marsh look after many of our client already.