Looking for Real Body Corporate Management Value

Posted by Auckland Property Management on April 16, 2018 | Body Corporate

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The easiest way to test if your Body Corporate Management Company is providing you with real value is to assess their performance at the last Annual General Meeting. This is the most significant opportunity owners will have to gauge value. What were your impressions of how they handled the concerns of owners? Did they have a full knowledge of every aspect of the Body Corporate’s affairs? Did you leave the meeting better informed feeling that your Manager had delivered value or not?

The Body Corporate Manager should be able to demonstrate precise knowledge of the building, its financial position and its future requirements both in the short and medium term. They should know who the best people are to call in any given situation. That comes with experience. Having the right level of experience and expertise to solve problems as they occur is vital. Spending the time it takes to identify risks, so they can be prevented from becoming problems in the future.

What really matters to owners is having the confidence to know that your Body Corporate Manager has your best interests at heart as well as the best interests of the Body Corporate.

Our Body Corporate managers are specialists in working with a number of different people and making sure that they’re satisfied with the outcomes we achieve.

It’s a critical part of the important work we do in making sure that Bodies Corporate run like a well-oiled machine. So if you are looking for value from your Body Corporate Manager, we’d be pleased to talk to you.