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华人团队 – Meet the Chinese Team


Kristin Xu – 行政管理

Business Manager
Building a better future

Business Development

Jessie Wu – 市场部经理

Business Development Manager
Food, coffee & my beautiful daughter

Franklyn Young

Business Development Manager / Body Corporate Manager
Together everyone achieves more

Property Managers

Ashlee Zhang – 物业经理

Property Manager
A merry heart goes all the way!

Caroline Li – 物业经理

Property Manager
Honesty is the best policy

David See – 物业经理

Property Manager
He who is a mysterious man is confident

Edwin Yu – 物业经理

Property Manager
Enjoy your life every day…..

Helen Han – 物业经理

Property Manager
Always be happy and positive!

Rachel Mei – 物业经理

Property Manager
The shortest answer is doing

Sherry Zheng

Body Corporate Support Manager


Hugh Tian – 行政管理

Property Management Administrator
Every day is a beautiful day…..

Kate Liang – 行政管理

Team Leader / Property Management Financial Administrator
Each day is another opportunity to learn

Tracy Zhu – 行政管理

Commercial / Accounts Administrator
Believe it, Do it!

Sophia Lin – 行政管理

Property Management Administrator
Give today my very best