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华人团队 – Meet the Chinese Team


Kristin Xu

Finance Manager – 商务总监
Building a better future

Property Management

Ashlee Zhang

Property Manager – 物业经理
A merry heart goes all the way!

Caroline Li

Property Manager – 物业经理
Honesty is the best policy

Edwin Yu

Property Manager – 物业经理
Enjoy your life every day…..

Rachel Mei

Property Manager – 物业经理
The shortest answer is doing

Stephy Qi

Senior Property Manager – 物业经理
Integrity and hard work are driven by success

Amy Ang

Senior Property Manager – 物业经理
Work hard…Play hard

Sophia Lin

Property Management Accounts Manager – 行政管理
Give today my very best

Katie Liu

Team Leader PM Financial Department – 财务部主管
We rise by lifting each other

Body Corporate Management

Rean Khoo

Senior Body Corporate Manager – 高级物管经理
Big success tomorrow depends on the little things you do today

Gary Huang

Body Corporate Accountant – 物管会计
Professional derives from passion, hard work and discipline

Commercial Property Management

Tracy Zhu

Commercial Property Manager – 商用物业经理
Believe it, Do it!