Omicron and Residential Property Management

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on February 17, 2022 | Property Management

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Residential Property Management General Manager Celia Burbery, discusses Omicron and the property management team.

On the 22nd of January the New Zealand government notified the public that there were recorded cases of Omicron in the community, and as a result, we are currently in the Red Light setting. It appears most are remaining positive with increasing cases in the community, however, I think we should still remain a little concerned about the change in economic conditions and the market which can put pressure on the industry. Thankfully under the Red Light rules property management practices continue, with enhanced health and safety procedures ensuring we are following the guidelines, be that at a property viewing, rental inspection, out and about, or in the office. You can learn more about property management in the Red Light from the Tenancy Services website.

The Omicron variant is creeping into our daily lives in many ways now, including having tenants advising that they have had a positive test or are a close contact and are isolating – of course our policy is to stay away until such a time that it is safe to return. Our office is also affected with many of the team having school age children at schools that have had positive tests, however our team are more than familiar with working from home now so our day to day management continues.

Whilst dealing with challenges that come with managing property in the midst of a pandemic, we have still managed to focus on what’s best for our clients with new initiatives being rolled out including insurance offers, financial accounting services and our new offer for vacant privately used holiday homes. Bill has provided more information on these here.

Whatever is happening in your world, I hope that you are able to find a way to enjoy some little part of each day just for you, whether it be sport, or music, massage, walking or simply just sitting and taking a breath. With our lives being so different now, there are times where it’s often best to just slow down……..and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Kind regards

Celia Burbery

General Manager – Property Management
Auckland Property Management

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