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Meet The Property Management Team


The Property Management Team is directed by Howard Morley

Howard Morley

Managing Director
Happiest when talking about property!

Celia Burbery is the manager of The Property Management Team

Celia Burbery

General Manager
A person hears only what they understand

Bill Highet

Chief Operating Officer
“Let’s cut to the chase.”

Business Development Team

Toni Heath

Business Development Manager / Facilities Manager
Follow your dreams, they know the way

Property Managers

Ashlee Zhang

Property Manager
A merry heart goes all the way!

Amie Russell

Property Manager
Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today

Bev Saxon

Property Manager
Believe it, do it.

Carmen Michie

Team Leader / Senior Property Manager
Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack

Caroline Li

Property Manager
Honesty is the best policy

Claire Hewertson

Property Manager
“Professional, Personable, gets the job done”………

Dale Christian

Senior Property Manager
Know your people

Trelise Graham

Property Manager
Home is where the heart is

Donna Matthes

Property Manager
“Passionate about everything Property.”

Edwin Yu

Property Manager
Enjoy your life every day…..

Giselle Kilburn

Best Practice / Relieving Manager
Don’t just work for a dollar, make it work for you.. Invest

Hayley Thompson

Property Manager
A genuine property enthusiast

Jenny Choi

Senior Property Manager
Competent, friendly and committed to help

Kirsty Craig

Senior Property Manager
Property Management… Better work stories!

Kura Friconnet

Property Manager
“Let’s Talk”

Leanne Hale

Property Manager
I love a challenge!

Michelle Richards

Property Manager
Home is where the heart is

Lea McLennan

Team Leader / Senior Property Manager

Success is Courage with kindness

Tim Harrington

Property Manager
Just do it!

Peter McDell

Senior Property Manager / Health & Safety Advisor
Measure twice, cut once

Rachel Mei

Property Manager
The shortest answer is doing

Angela Jones

Senior Property Manager
It’s all about ‘people management’…getting the right ‘fit’

Stephy Qi

Property Manager
Integrity and hard work are driven by success

Hayley-Louise Hopper

Property Manager Cadet
Other people’s success inspires me


Apisai Leveanasiga

Residential/Commercial Accounts Manager
“If you change nothing, nothing will change”

Geraldine Markham

Office Manager / PA to Howard Morley & Celia Burbery
Irish heart at home in New Zealand

Lana Corrigan

Communications and Marketing Manager
Lover of music, communications, and all things in between

Priyanka Savant

Website Manager
Happiness is the key to success

Sophia Lin

Property Management Accounts Manager
Give today my very best

Rebecca Tomczyk

Waiheke Reception Administrator
Loves the Waiheke lifestyle…

Tracy Zhu at APM

Tracy Zhu

Company Accounts Assistant / Property Management Administrator
Believe it, Do it!

Suzanne Kumar

Property Management Administrator
Work Smarter not harder !