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Amy Ang

Amy Ang

Senior Property Manager


Amy is a Senior Property Manager who brings to Auckland Property Management many years of experience in the industry.

Originally from Singapore, Amy has been living in New Zealand for 20 years and is attracted to New Zealand’s great outdoors and the warm people. Most weekends she can be found cycling or tramping in the bush.

Amy speaks English and Mandarin plus Cantonese and Hokkien. Prior to starting her career in property management 10 years ago, Amy worked in the finance and hospitality industries.

Amy has an international base of clients and builds her business through referrals from clients who often recommend her to their friends and colleagues.  One of Amy’s core strength is follow through. She is tenacious in her dealings with tradespeople ensuring her landlords and tenants are given great service and that instructions received are actioned upon efficiently.

Talk to Amy if you want a property manager who will look after your property like her own.

Amy Ang 作为一名资深物业经理,有超过十余年的物业管理行业经验。

Amy来自新加坡,已在新西兰工作生活了二十余年, 她通晓流利的英语和普通话,并具备一定程度的粤语和闽南语沟通能力。


Amy的核心优势之一是坚持到底,不轻言放弃。 她在与人打交道时能够坚持不懈,确保为房东和租户提供优质的服务,使所有的指示都能得到快速有效的执行。



‘Everyone we’ve dealt with at APM have been lovely, Amy Ang our property manager has been awesome – sorted any problems with the place quickly and has been great to deal with. Thanks team!’
– Tenant

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 021 828 989