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Apisai Leveanasiga

Apisai Leveanasiga

Residential/Commercial Accounts Manager


I’m originally from the beautiful islands of Fiji, born and raised. Living in the islands has been always a holiday till I decided to focus on my career. I started my journey with interest in studying for Bachelors in Accounting. While studying, I always wanted to learn more than just reading a textbook or attending lectures. So I went out of my way and found a job in 2013 in a Body Corporate industry where I could apply some of the knowledge in my studies. It was a challenge to balance work and studies but in the end I managed to pursue both with my best effort.

The property industry has always a lot of opportunities to grow and learn. I’ve learnt a lot of knowledge from talking to owners, developers and tenants. There is always a certainty of growth in the market for people involved. I love to be challenged at work and it helps me grow as a person. Dealing with people is my skill as I always put myself in their shoes. I am willing to go out of my way to provide the best customer service while maintaining a high work standard.

I also pursue rugby and cross fit when I’m not working. It is something I always do to be part of my community and getting to know people. So I’m lucky enough to be living in NZ where rugby is before politics.

I always had this thought that I was not supposed to follow my dreams but I had to chase them. The passion that I have for my goals and dreams is what drives me every single day to not become a person of success but rather to become a person of value.

Contact Details

DDI: 09 638 2510
E: [email protected]