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Caroline Li

Caroline Li

Property Manager – 物业经理


With a number of years of property management experience under her belt, Caroline makes a fantastic addition to the Auckland Property Management team.

Caroline graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property majoring in Property Management and Valuation. In addition to this, she also has a Bachelor of Commerce and is a licenced Salesperson.

After Caroline graduated she stepped straight into the real estate industry and landed her first major role as a Property Investment Manager. She excelled in this role and since then has been involved in a number of property management roles, all of which have helped her progress her professional development and growth.

Caroline prides herself on her commitment to customer service, and believes it is the secret to being successful. Caroline welcomes calls anytime from either her existing clients or a new client for reliable and trustworthy advice.

Caroline 毕业于奥克兰大学的 房地产评估专业, 从事地产管理工作多年,增管理过多达210处房产, 是一个专业,敬业,爱业的房地产管理者,深受房东的喜爱和信赖。Caroline 将全面负责有关物业管理的一切事宜包括: 物业租金的评估, 物业的推广和介绍,管理和安排租客,物业及家具电器的定期检查及维修,镑金的收取和结算,出席法庭追讨债务。用专业,细心,高效的工作,为每一位房东获得最高的物业回报率, 使您成为一个省心,放心,开心的房东。 期待您的来电



“Thank you for being very open, honest, sincere and fair with your service and support to our accommodation requirements. We have always been grateful for the professional service you provide.”
– T. Lemon

“We inherited Caroline as our new manager after our original management company merged.
She has proved most competent during several tenant changes and especially we found her to be diligent and very quick to respond to enquiry. A very level headed negotiator and a wonderful ambassador for her company. Highly recommended.’
– P. Simpson

Contact Details

M: 021 737 909
E: [email protected]