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Katherine McGahan

Katherine McGahan

Property Manager


Katherine began her property management career in June 2018 when she leapt at the opportunity to work with Auckland Property Management as a Property Manager Cadet. After 10 years in various roles at a gourmet butchery, Katherine thought it was time to spread her wings and try something new. Property management was the ideal career path as it provided endless learning possibilities and challenges.

Many years of customer service experience, complaint handling, and working in a male dominated industry has attributed to Katherine’s ‘thick skin’, something that most property managers would agree is needed when working in the property industry.

Katherine completed several months of intensive property management training to become a property manager with APM.  Katherine believes her communication skills and past experiences make her an ideal property manager, and is looking forward to working alongside our experienced team of property managers to hone her skills in an industry where no two days are the same.

In her spare time, Katherine enjoys photography and often volunteers for the SPCA annual street appeals.

Contact Details

DDI: 09 638 2585

M: 022 533 1304

E: [email protected]