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Robyn Wiles

Robyn Wiles

Property Manager

Personalised service, an honest approach and service beyond expectations – that is what you will hear Robyn’s clients say about the level of care they receive constantly from her. “It’s easy to say that you offer a great service but delivering on that promise is something else. It is not acceptable to just be another name or number in a computer system that is why I work hard to ensure my clients get the most personalised service possible” .Having been in the residential property management industry since 2000, Robyn brings a wealth of knowledge with her.

A North Shore girl, Robyn has raised four sons; she was an active member of various Community groups over the years as her sons were growing up. The North Shore of Auckland is a wonderful place to live and work as a property manager.

With taking a personal interest in each and every one of the properties Robyn manages in her portfolio, it is just as rewarding for Robyn as it is for her clients, both owners and tenants. “It is a real joy to have clients that were once tenants and now are property owners and because they had such a good experience with me, they entrust me to now manage their rental properties”.

With a very strong personal goal to achieve and succeed, Robyn is only too pleased to take the time to sit and discuss any questions anyone may have on property management for residential properties.


“Robyn is one of the best property managers in the business. She was head hunted by her current company and is well known in the industry. We have been dealing with her for a number of years and have always found her to be efficient and professional. She is knowledgeable, experienced, honest, and manages tenants effectively. Most importantly to us, every time we have called Robyn she has answered her phone and been willing to help.”
– Lauren Davies

“Hi Robyn, living over here in Australia and having our home in Auckland has sometimes been challenging, especially when we have had to have repairs done and had issues with tenants. During the time you have been looking after our home, your promptness and attention to detail has been hugely helpful for Lisa and I and taken significant amounts of stress and worry out of the process. You have done a fantastic job, which we really appreciate. We like to send a reference/testimonial and would ask who we should send that to. Thanks and Regards.”
– Craig Nelson

“Thank you for being our property manager. You took over managing the property in the middle of last year. We lived at the property for almost 3 years. During that time we had various issues with house, understandably it is an old house that does need maintaining, Jason is a builder and could see the faults. Robyn did not have an easy job as the house had various issues that were not sorted out prior to Robyn taking over management. Robyn did her best to get things sorted and was always quick at getting someone to ring us to make appointments to come around, and if they did not ring us was very quick at following up. We have rented a few places and I have to say that Robyn Wiles is one of the best property managers we have had.”
– Rachel & Jason Harford

“Robyn has been our Property Manager since 2002 when we brought the first of 2 rental properties. Initially we thought we may manage them ourselves – it didn’t seem too big a job – but thought it would be best to have a Manager to start with. We very quickly realized there were significant plus points to having a good Property Manager. Robyn is 2 people. To us she is friendly, completely approachable, very competent and just good to work with. To the tenants she is always fair but very firm. We are confident in her ability to handle any issues with them and we happily hide behind her skirts on a few occasions when problems arise. It is a fine line to not listen to or accept lame excuses (I’d have a problem with that) but on the other hand not be so hard that you lose good tenants. Robyn manages that and she impressed us to the extent we changed the Agency when she changed jobs to remain with her.”
– Property Owners, Mr & Mrs Boyd

“To all prospective owners… I found Robyn to be friendly but entirely professional in all her dealings with me. For various reasons, my house took more than a month to rent and Robyn remained tireless in her efforts to find me a suitable tenant. I was quite picky as it is a brand new home but Robyn was understanding and weeded-out the unsuitable applicants and only let well and prequalified would-be renters come through. She successfully introduced a nice family in the end that paid the full weekly asking rent without hiccups since. I would recommend her unreservedly.”
– Property owner, Mr Rumney

“To whom it may concern, I have known Robyn Wiles, who was our Rental house Manager for over 12 months. At all times I found Robyn to be friendly, reliable and very responsive to queries. She was very helpful when we required any repairs organised at the property. Robyn is one of the best Rental Property Managers I have met and she is always considerate of her client’s needs. On leaving the Rental property, it is my pleasure to write this reference to thank Robyn for her excellent service. ”
– Tenant, Mrs Liu

“Robyn has been our property manager for 5 years from 2007 to 2012. Before Robyn, we were never fully happy with the service we were receiving from prior property management. When Robyn took charge of our properties everything changed for us and we truly could stop worrying about what was happening as Robyn always kept us fully informed and was always on top of any issues our tenants or we had. When Robyn left one Company she worked for and moved to another, we had no hesitation in changing and moving with her. We have found Robyn to be prompt, honest, trustworthy and very personable. Robyn has never failed to fill our properties and always made it easy for both us and the tenants to contact her at any point of the day or night. Robyn is the exact person I would want to entrust with your most valuable investment”.
– Property owners, Mr & Mrs Fletcher

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DDI: 09 638 2512
M: 027 6044 356
E: [email protected]