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Stephy Qi

Stephy Qi

BBS, PGDip Property

Senior Property Manager – 物业经理


Stephy has been working in the Real Estate Industry for 10 years she holds both a Bachelor of Business (Major in property management and valuation) degree and a postgraduate diploma degree in Property from the University of Auckland.

Stephy has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the property industry after working specifically in residential property management as well as Body Corporate Management. She has strong leadership, teamwork and communication skills, plus she is honest, reliable and driven by success.

Along with more than 20 years of life experience living and working in New Zealand, Stephy has a strong customer focus whereby customer service is paramount. She has great interpersonal skills, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to take her management skills to the next level. She is a good communicator, from years of property management experience, she has analytical and problem solving skills and she can develop a rapport with a wide variety of people.

Stephy is also fluent in Mandarin speaking. Outside work, she enjoys reading, Zumba, yoga and boxing. She is busy mum of two boys, she also plays the piano and the flute.

Stephy (小齐)在20年前随父亲工作调动远赴新西兰留学并生活, 她在梅西大学获得了不动产管理学士学位,之后又在奥克兰大学获得了不动产评估管理研究生学位。 毕业后,在导师的极力推荐下她在当地一个房地产管理公司工作了10年。 这10 年的物业管理经验并结合多年专业知识,以及二十多年本地生活经历, 使她深知并了解华人客户的所需所想。小齐的专业知识,诚信, 以及流利的英文和普通话定会帮到您.


‘Stephy is friendly and professional, plus responsive to any issue in the house 👍😊’
– Tenant

‘Stephy is our agent and she is very professional and friendly.’
– Tenant

‘If I could have selected all above options, I would have. APM is the full package. Thank you for being the perfect example of great property management. It’s a privilege to be a tenant under your wing.’
– Tenant

Contact Details

Mobile: 021 225 7439

Email: [email protected]