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Suzanne Kumar

Suzanne Kumar

Property Management Administrator


Suzanne is the most recent addition to our property management administration team having joined Auckland Property Management in April 2021.

She has close to two years work experience in a property management setting prior to joining the company and around five additional years of working in various finance and accounting roles in Fiji. Her wide range of experience helps her to adapt quite quickly to different work environments and ability to work with various personalities.

Shy and quiet at first, Suzanne opens up and is very friendly once people get to know her. She takes keen interest in learning about workmates from different parts of the world and is often found sharing her own experiences about her culture, Fijian heritage and adapting to life in New Zealand.

Years of experience have taught her to learn new concepts or tasks by applying logic and is not afraid to ask the why and how of doing things. When she is not working, Suzanne can be found catching up on her favourite crime dramas and documentaries, listening to jazz music while crocheting, spinning or playing squash with her better half.

Contact Details

M: 09 638 2526
E: [email protected]