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Owner Insurance

Owner Insurance

It is part of our responsibility as property managers to advise you of the risks associated with renting your property and the options available to offer protection for your investment.

As your Property Management Company we can arrange specialist Landlord Insurance cover only available through accredited Real Estate Institute of New Zealand members.

This unique Landlord Preferred Policy is devoted specifically to protecting landlords against the risks for which they are most likely to make a claim, such as tenants causing property damage, failing to pay rent, or claims brought against you by OSH.

These risks are often excluded from standard building insurance policies that may fail to provide adequate protection for your investment.

As a landlord this can provide you with valuable peace of mind regarding your investment property. Because this insurance covers you against loss of income in many areas it takes the worry and many of the risks out of rental property ownership.

For example this policy provides cover in areas such as:

  • Loss of rent
  • Malicious damage
  • Death of a tenant
  • Contents insurance
  • Legal liability

We are most happy to discuss the details of this insurance cover with you and to explain how this cover can best work for you. For full policy details and more information, ask your property manager or click on the REAL INSURANCE link below.


While Auckland Property Management interact with a variety of insurance providers, in 2014 we decided to join forces with Marsh in a ‘preferred insurance provider’ relationship. Marsh is the largest broker in the world, which gives APM the ability to offer our clients special products at competitive prices.