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If you want to reduce the risks and stress of your rental property then Request a Rental Appraisal. For any related questions that you might have, feel free to contact apm who has over 30 years’ experience managing properties all the way from Bombay to Orewa. Call us at 09 638 2500 or leave your details with the form below:

Why is it important to Request a Rental Appraisal for your property?

Celia Burbery, apm’s General Manager – Residential Property Management, in this video talks about why requesting a rental appraisal for your properties can be so critical to maximising returns and retaining good tenants.

Request Appraisal

Though you do not want to charge a rent level that is too low and miss out on returns, you do not want to charge too much rent either.  It can be tempting to ask for a high price on a rental property, but there are pitfalls to charging exorbitant rates on properties when the price is higher than acceptable market rates.  Cases like these may secure desperate tenants, and also run the risk of a Tenancy Tribunal hearing.  This type of challenge at a Tenancy Tribunal can incur a penalty of up to $1000.

Using a Rental Appraisal to Secure Good Tenants

By ensuring that your property is being offered at an appropriate market rate, landlords are better able to secure and retain good tenants.  Also, by maximising the best level of rent, landlords ensure the best returns by setting appropriate increases, as the property increases in value to the market.  apm ensures that landlords have rental appraisals and rent reviews every 12 months.

Request Appraisal for free through apm

If you have any doubts about the rental levels of your properties, apm offers free rental appraisals.  This will help you as a landlord to:

  • Ensure you are maximising your rental returns
  • Avoid vacancies, down times and loss of rent
  • Avoid disputes at the Tenancy Tribunal

Requesting a Free Rental Appraisal

If you would like to get a free rental appraisal on your new or existing properties, it is as easy as filling out the above form and one of our Business Development Managers will get in touch with you.