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Video Inspection Service

The following is an overview of our Video Inspection Service and why Auckland Property Management has decided to move to this new technology.

Between 2013 and 2015 we gradually made the transition from the old inspection methods of paper reports and photos to videos. We are now doing all our inspections and listings presentations on video.

Where this has been extremely successful is an investor can walk through their investment properties four times a year without even leaving the comfort of their chair!

This has eliminated maintenance surprises, tells a truthful up to date story about how your property is being kept. We are also finding videos helpful with addressing maintenance quickly and economically. If there is a problem we can video the fault, send it to the tradesman and they can quote on the repair from their office or even from their mobile phone if they are out on a job. By doing this it will also decrease the expensive call out fees.

We have found that inspection reports and even photos can be hugely subjective and what one person will interpret as tidy, another could view as filthy.  A video doesn’t lie and we find it provides a much more accurate description of the condition of the property.  As an investor it is also confirmation that your property manager has indeed viewed the property and has completed a thorough inspection of your property.  Auckland Property Management conducts quarterly routine inspections through your property and you will receive a personal video for each.

In some instances our Video Inspection Service and tours have given an international investor the first view through the inside of their investment property since they purchased it.

In many cases an investor buys the site unseen from overseas and we have found the feedback from such investors to be extremely positive.  It has been an amazing success and I am proud to say we are the only company in NZ doing both listing presentations and inspections with video technology. We see this as the way of the future and are proud to be market leaders.

We also do listing walk through tours – these are professionally edited and are loaded into the advertisements for people to view.

This helps reduce vacancy times, increases online applications and also creates a fourth website to advertise an investor’s property. Prospective clients who view the walk through tour get a better understanding of the property and will either rule it out then and there or become more interested and in a sense qualify themselves for the property before visiting.

This ultimately speeds up the application process, reduces wasted time showing the property to unsuitable tenants and therefore reduces vacancies.

We have updated our website to house video tours now and we are also excited to learn have now upgraded their site to be able to take videos as well.

This is a service that is exclusively available to managed properties only.

Find out for yourself how the award-winning professionals at Auckland Property Management’s Video Inspection Service can help you with your property. Give us a call today on: (09) 638 2500 Or, simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch.