Property Manager Tips – June 2018

Posted by Auckland Property Management on June 12, 2018 | Tenants

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Our Property Managers have the following tips and reminders for tenants to ensure things run smoothly in your home.

Keeping your house warm in Winter

We are working with our landlords to ensure all of our managed properties adhere to the Healthy Homes Bill deadline. If you are feeling the cold below are a few suggestions to help keep you toasty warm.

  • Don’t use standalone unflued gas heating, they cause more harm than good by increasing condensation and dampness. Read a recent Stuff article on the subject here.
  • Using an oven to heat your home will cost you more than a modern ecofriendly heater, so take a look at Noel Leemings’ heating guide to help choose the best heating for your home.
  • A well ventilated home is easier to heat and also reduces moisture build up.
  • Close curtains when the sun goes down to trap heat in the house.
  • Make your own wheat bag! A few people in our office swear by them. All you need is some cotton material (an old pillowcase works well), cut to desired size, sew the edges and leave a little hole to fill with whole wheat (BinInn is a good source of whole wheat). Sew the hole, and place in microwave with a cup of water until it’s reached your desired heat.


Dealing with Mould

The best way to deal with mould is to ventilate your home – as mentioned above, this reduces moisture build up, regular cleaning and removal of the mould will prevent it becoming a hazard. Use extractor fans if you have them whenever you are cooking or using the bathroom, and remove any condensation from windows, and you could also invest in a dehumidifier.

To remove the mould you can use diluted White Vinegar and numerous bleach products. Property Manager Liz Davey endorses Pam’s Lemon Floor & Hard Surfaces Cleaner found at the supermarket. Tenancy Services have a few tips on their website too.

If you feel the mould in your home is particularly persistent, please contact your property manager.


What to do if your power is out

  • Contact Vector to report your outage on (0508 832 867), or
    contact your local electricity supplier.
  • Check your supplier’s website for outages.
  • Check the news sites/radio for any updates.
  • Make sure you have a torch/multiple torches with batteries available.
  • Keep the fridge/freezer closed to avoid raising the inside
  • Turn light switches/appliances off incase the power comes back on during the night
  • Dust off the boardgames for a night of friendly competition.

Fast Connect

We work with Fast Connect to help tenants easily set up their connections to power, sky, gas, phone and broadband when they move into one of our properties. Fast Connect often have promotions throughout the year so even if you are not moving, they can give you a comparison on your current bills to make sure you are still getting a good deal. If you would like to contact them to talk about your options call 0800 8 55 99 and give the Agent Code – 1522Z


If you have any questions relating to these tips, please contact your property manager.