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Inspection Guide

We inspect our managed properties on a three-monthly basis. These inspections are carried out to assess the condition of the property and to identify any maintenance issues. These inspections are of benefit to the tenant and the property owner as they record any problem promptly and accurately and allow planning to correct it efficiently and effectively.

Our Property Managers take photos and videos of the property to ensure that they have detailed information on any issues that may have arisen.

We recommend that our tenants follow the inspection guide below in order to prepare their property for the routine inspections.

Inspection Guide


  • Ensure that the interior of the property (including windows) is clean & tidy
  • All rooms and areas must be fully accessible
  • Clean kitchen, stove & all bench tops
  • Bathroom & laundry should also be clean and well ventilated


  • Lawns & gardens should be well maintained
  • All rubbish, recycling, etc. should be removed from the property before the inspection takes place
  • All exterior areas & the garage must be accessible
  • Ensure that there are no unregistered cars on the property and that any oil stains have been removed.


  • If your tenancy agreement allows you to have pets, make sure any damage due to pets has been repaired
  • Ensure that there are no droppings in the interior or exterior of the property

If you have any questions about property inspections, please contact your property manager.