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Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on December 17, 2020 | News, Property Management

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Property Management General Manager Celia Burbery discusses the year 2020 in Residential Management.

As another year draws to a close, it is satisfying to note that regardless of the bizarre events we have all experienced this year that we soldier on with a sustained period of positivity.  Compared to other parts of the world, we can now see that somehow we have got to the other side of this pretty unscathed in comparison.

2020 has tested our resilience – of our businesses, our families and our individual selves. It’s required us to dismantle the status quo, consider new perspectives and reimagine how we do things. We’ve adapted and adapted and adapted some more, eventually moving towards new opportunities.

To say the team are gagging for a well-deserved break would be the proverbial understatement of the year. During lockdown there was no down time for property managers, in fact quite the opposite having to deal with not only the unknown,  but with high levels of stress amongst hundreds of clients and tenants plus then go on to change core legal processes as a result of emergency legislation every time we moved up or down a level. So to them I say…..bravo!

To our clients, tenants, friends, tradespeople and more……..I say let’s rejoice this summer in what we still have rather than wallow in what we may have lost. We have witnessed the end of an era, losing our freedom, travel, levels of excess and instant anything. So thank you for being you, for your support and loyalty through a year that has changed us all for ever.

Kind regards

Celia Burbery

General Manager – Property Management
Auckland Property Management

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