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Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on December 16, 2021 | News, Property Management

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Residential Property Management GM Celia Burbery provides a wrap up of the department for 2021 and looks ahead to 2022.

Hello! We’ve made it to December 2021 and it’s time to review this year whilst we also look ahead to what may be on the horizon in 2022. Isn’t that an interesting concept….what may be on the horizon? If anyone told me 18 months ago that the world would stop, we would stop travelling, stop going out for dinner, everyone would wear masks in public, (to name a few changes) I would have said – rubbish, they’ll never happen! How wrong was I! We are witnessing the end of an era and the dawn of new one. I think it is as a pretty amazing opportunity to live through so I accept what we cannot change and embrace whatever is in front of me because that’s one choice I can make for my own peace of mind.

For the property management department, yes it’s been hairy! The impact of the pandemic physically, mentally and practically has been huge on us all. We have worked hard to provide each other the support and expertise required during a pandemic with a gentleness appropriate to each given situation. Like a lot of you, some of my property managers live on their own and were isolated for long periods of time, some have family impacted by job layoffs, some have been separated from new babies in their immediate family throughout NZ and some have had immediate family members with serious health diagnoses that can rock you to the core, let alone not being able to see them. During all this, they continue to do their jobs achieving outstanding results as compared to our industry peers. You know I think they rock, and I’m pretty sure by our current surveys that you do too. Enough said.

We may well witness winds of change in the property market next year, as sales volumes fall slightly. However in Auckland even as sales begin to fall, the average sale price goes up and that’s the benefits of owning property in Auckland. In my opinion, house price rises seen recently aren’t great for the overall economy so personally, I would rather witness small steady fluctuations in the market than a big bang! The lockdowns in Auckland may have insulated the market to some degree creating a lot of pent-up buyer demand as a result that contributed to the upswing we’ve recently witnessed, however it’s predicted to return to a normal market – whatever normal now looks like.

I’m pleasantly surprised after such a tormenting year, to feeling slightly excited about 2022 as we have some new initiatives planned for our existing clients and new growth opportunities to embrace. Our management team is growing which is always a healthy sign and helps to stimulate the business in new directions.

So, my sincere thanks to you for partnering with us and I wish you and your loved ones every opportunity to share some time, precious time, by taking a walk, having a laugh or just sitting together and sharing the moment…the only moment that counts is the one we are in! I wish you all a safe, peaceful and sunny holiday season.

Kind regards

Celia Burbery

General Manager – Property Management
Auckland Property Management

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