Tenant Quarterly Newsletter – September 2020

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on September 14, 2020 | Tenants

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Welcome to the September 2020 edition of the Tenant Quarterly Newsletter.

In this edition:

  • Get a copy of the new APM Tenancy Handbook
  • COVID-29 Update – Alert Level 2
  • Have you for the Maintenance Manager App?
  • Dealing with Mould
  • Bond Centre Timeframes
  • Move with Movinghub

Get a Copy of the New APM Tenancy Handbook

When you started your tenancy with us you may have been linked to our online Tenancy Handbook. This is a detailed handbook of tips and tricks for taking care of a property and who to contact in the different situations that may arise throughout your tenancy.

We have recently updated our Tenancy Handbook so check it out or download a copy from our website here.

COVID-19 Update – Alert Level 2

Auckland and Waiheke Island is at Alert level 2 or ‘2.5’ status as there are a few more restrictions than last time. This Alert Level will be reviewed again on Monday 21 September 2020.

If you had a postponed inspection or property viewing then your Property Manager will be in touch to reschedule dates. Please remember that if you are self isolating, need to self isolate, or have been unwell then let your Property Manager know as soon as possible.

Just a reminder:

  • Wear a mask if you are using public transport.
  • Track your location/visits by using the QR codes.
  • Wash your hands, practice physical distancing and get tested if you are showing symptoms.

Visit the COVID-19 website for updates and the Tenancy Services website for info about COVID-19 for tenants.

Have you got the Maintenance Manager App?

If you need to report any maintenance issues then download the FREE Tenant Maintenance Report App. Its easy to submit a request – just write a description, upload photos, and press send!

Once you have submitted a request using the App you will receive a confirmation and status updates when things have been actioned.

Download the handy app here, or search for ‘MMgr Tenant App’ wherever you get your Apps

Dealing with Mould Issues

The best way to deal with mould is to ventilate your home as this helps reduces moisture build up. Regular cleaning and removal of the mould will prevent it becoming a hazard. Use extractor fans if you have them whenever you are cooking or using the bathroom, remove any condensation from windows, and you could also invest in a dehumidifier.

To remove the mould you can use diluted White Vinegar and numerous supermarket products, however be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
Click here to visit Tenancy Services as they have a few tips on their website too.

If you feel the mould in your home is particularly persistent, please contact your Property Manager.

Bond Centre Timeframes

Current Bond Lodgement processing time: 10-15 working days.

Current Bond Refund processing time: Up to 10 working days from when Bond Centre has received completed Refund form.
There are no current delays in processing unless there is missing or incorrect information on the Bond Refund forms.

Tip: Remember that everyone who signed the Bond Lodgement Form needs to sign the Bond Refund Form – any change in signature or incorrect details will cause delays!

Visit Tenancy Services for more information.

Move with Movinghub

If you are moving soon then check out Moving Hub. They can help you tick off a few things on your vacate to-do list such as transferring your Power/Internet, managing quotes and better yet the service is free!

Click here to complete an online form and Movinghub will be in touch.

If you have any topics you would like discussed in any upcoming Tenant Quarterly Newsletters, feel free to send your suggestions to Lana on [email protected]