Tenant Quarterly Report – September 2019

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on September 16, 2019 | Newsletter, Tenants

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Welcome to the September 2019 edition of the APM Tenant Quarterly Report. A quarterly newsletter dedicated to news, information, and insights for our tenants.

In this edition:

  • Have You Got Contents Insurance?
  • Living In A Body Corporate
  • Contacting Your Property Manager – Non-Urgent Requests
  • Reminder To Use Tenant Codes When Paying Rent/Water

Have You Got Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance – it’s often the thing we think about when it’s too late. Some of our tenants lately have had a bad run through no fault of their own with flooding from a neighbour’s property and theft, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to remind tenants that contents insurance is a good idea – you never know what could happen.

Industry experts are now also recommending tenants get contents insurance following the new legislation change, read more on this here.

Living In A Body Corporate

If you are renting a property that is part of a Body Corporate (could be a unit, apartment, townhouse, duplex) then there are extra things you need to be aware of such as rules that govern the property.

Body Corporate’s often have rules associated with the common property such as where you can park, what common areas can be used and how (e.g pools, shared facilities), if you can have pets, where to dispose of rubbish, and more. Each Body Corporate will have different rules.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities as a tenant living in a Body Corporate, please talk to your Property Manager.

Contacting Your Property Manager – Non Urgent Requests

If you have a query regarding your property that is not urgent, please email your request instead of calling. This allows us time to investigate the matter (if required) and provide you with a quick answer/solution. We are also frequently out of the office and it can be very frustrating for tenants having to leave a message or play phone tag.

Reminder To Use Tenant Codes When Paying Rent/Water

When you are paying your rent or water, ensure you use your individual Tenant Code as the Reference so that payments can be attributed accurately and don’t get missed.

Your Tenant Code will either be a T with numbers after, or a last name associated with your tenancy. Remember to state if the payment is for rent or water in the Particulars section. If you have any questions about your Tenant Code, email your Property Manager.

How To Get Your Bond Back Quickly

So you are moving, now what do you do about your bond? At the end of your tenancy you will no doubt want your bond refunded quickly after you vacate. For your bond to be paid quickly, you will need to ensure the following:

  • Any outstanding rent or accounts for water/damages etc has been paid promptly.
  • The property has been cleaned to the original condition and has passed the final inspection by your Property Manager.
  • All sets of keys have been returned to the APM office.
  • A Bond Refund Form has been completed and sent to your Property Manager (ensure everyone has signed that needs to sign and all information has been filled in correctly).

Delays to bond refunds often relate to one of the above not being met. Your Property Manager will send your Bond Refund Form to Tenancy Services, part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE), and then Tenancy Services/MBIE will refund you the money owed, minus any debts if applicable.

If you have any topics you would like discussed in any upcoming Tenant Quarterly Report Newsletters, feel free to send your suggestions to Lana on [email protected]