The Importance of Annual Gas Servicing

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on January 13, 2021 | News, Property Management

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Do you get your gas appliances serviced annually?

If you have a rental property that has gas appliances (such as hot water heaters, heating systems, cooking appliances) then they should be serviced annually as part of your general maintenance, especially if those gas appliances are used daily.

Often insurance policies and manufacturers’ warranties require annual gas servicing so it’s important to keep on top of it for the safety of those in the property.

Key points to get your gas appliances serviced:

  • To ensure they are safe to use and there is no gas leaks or carbon monoxide build up.
  • To ensure the appliances are working efficiently.
  • To align with insurance company policies.
  • To ensure the appliance or product is under warranty and is in line with the manufacturers guarantees. If there are any issues, a manufacturer will ask when it was last serviced.

Talk to your Property Manager about the servicing of your gas appliances and be sure to make it part of your maintenance plan.


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