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Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on February 16, 2022 | Body Corporate

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Ever wondered what services a Body Corporate Manager provides? Body Corporate General Manager Steven Garland discusses some of the tasks and support a Manager can provide Bodies Corporate, Cross Lease or Residents Association properties.

Before you became a Body Corporate (BC) owner or a Cross Lease (CL) owner or a member of a Residents Association (RA) you may have lived in a house where you were in charge of all aspects of the property 100% of the time. This would have meant that you were responsible for making sure the property was complying with all statutory requirements, you arranged someone to undertake all the maintenance or did it yourself, paid your rates and placed the insurance. If you were a limited liability company or a Trust you probably also kept financial records to either present to your accountant or forward directly to IRD.

When you joined a multi-unit development in any of the three forms noted above virtually all of those tasks have now been delegated to your Body Corporate, Cross Lease or Residents Association Manager (Auckland Property Management Ltd – APM) with oversight provided by the owners’ Committee and instruction approved by all owners at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

As you know, APM arranges the AGM plus other meetings throughout the year if required such as Extraordinary General Meetings, and in some circumstances, Owners’ Committee Meetings. We pay the creditor invoices, receipt owner levy payments, keep financial records, make sure the property is complying with all its statutory obligations, handle the insurance renewal and claims process, deal with breaches to the operational rules and generally keep a record of all correspondence of the multi-unit property whilst complying with the Privacy Act and the Health and Safety Act at all times. Basically an administrative service based off site.

At some of our properties, in addition to having an Administrative Manager, we also have part time and full time on-site Building Managers (BM) or Facilities Managers (FM). This is due to the higher frequency of occupants and service providers coming and going within the property. These services are contracted directly by the Body Corporate, Cross Lease or Residents Association generally at Committee level where a scope of service is then drawn up. Things like coordinating maintenance schedules with contractors, checking and recording Health and Safety compliance, WOF compliance, instigating one off building repairs, general building site management and maintaining security to mention just a few.  At some buildings we have a bespoke Building Manager or a Facilities Manager in place providing some of these services as little as a couple of hours per week up to full time with 24/7 capability. Basically your on-site first port of call.

To fill the gap at some of our complexes where a Building Manager or Facilities Manager is not currently in place, the additional work is generally picked up by voluntary Committee members or added to the scope of services performed by the Manager. In some instances this is manageable if Committee continuity is maintained but, if not, the solution is appointing a bespoke FM or BM to meet the individual requirements of your property. The main reason why the BC Manager is also not the best option here is because basically we can’t be in two places at once. So having someone on-site in real time along with office back-up is the ideal scenario.

APM is pleased to announce that we will be employing a full time Facilities Manager capable of servicing Body Corporate, Cross Lease and Residents Association clients along with our commercial complexes commencing March 2022. We anticipate hiring more in the future to meet demand. This is an exciting development and a complementary service that will work in concert with the existing Manager and the Committee in the best interests of all occupants, adding value to the complex for all. It will result in a clearer delegation of duties and services at your multi-unit property, enhance scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work performance and strengthen the overall governance of the complex by adding a regular physical presence.

If your Body Corporate, Cross lease or Residents Association is interested in this service for your complex please contact me to discuss and I can put together a bespoke proposal to meet your requirements.

Kind regards

Steven Garland

[email protected]

General Manager – Body Corporate
Auckland Property Management

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