Tips for a smooth running tenancy

Posted by Auckland Property Management on July 26, 2018 | Tenants, Video Blog

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A smooth running tenancy is what everyone involved wants.

And we are sure that generally, tenants are familiar with their responsibilities including paying rent in advance, keeping the property reasonably clean and tidy, and reporting any repairs and maintenance required. All tenant responsibilities are available in the Residential Tenancies Act, under section 40.

It’s often the unexpected events that can throw a tenant so below are some of the scenarios and solutions for a smooth running tenancy with us.

Misplaced Keys

Misplaced keys can happen to anyone, whether it’s losing them or possibly accidently locking them inside the property. Should these situations happen during normal office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday) you can contact your property manager to borrow our office set of keys for a bond of $50.00. This will allow you to regain access to the property or to create a new cut of keys for yourself.
Should you have issues outside of office hours, this is the tenants responsibility to send their own locksmith and will be at the tenants own cost.


Safety is a high priority during the terms of a tenancy and can affect the tenants, their visitors and guests, and any tradespeople to the property. We do request that you do report to your property manager any issues that could pose a safety risk to anyone at any time.

Such risks can be, but are not limited to, exposed wiring or faulty power points, any gas smell or odour, damaged paths or loose balcony rails and steps, faulty locks, or broken and cracked windows. Any of these, or any serious safety issues, are required to be reported to us immediately so we can take the further action to keep everybody safe.


We do hope you enjoy living at your property but we do remind tenants that they are responsible for behaviour or events that happen while you have visitors present at the property. Please make sure that they also respect the Residential Tenancies Act laws and the local bylaws, as you are responsible while they are at your property.


With the introduction of the Health and Safety Homes Bill, mould is less of an issue for tenants to have to deal with. However, it does require a delicate balance between heating and ventilation. If windows do show signs of condensation, they may be required to be opened a little and often, this helps with the moisture to not be trapped inside the property and assists with air movement and cross ventilation required to keep a healthy balance.

Excessive Noise

Tenants of Auckland Property Management are not generally the cause of any disturbances to the peace and quiet enjoyment of others, however, should you as our tenant experience this late on a Saturday night our first recommendation is to ring the Auckland City Council and report it to the noise control officer, they will be required to file a report, which we are required to then take further action on, on your behalf. Below are some of the numbers you can call:

Auckland: (09) 301 0101
Papakura: (09) 295 1300
Manukau: (09) 262 5104
Waitakere: (09) 839 0400
North Shore: (09) 486 8600

These are some of the solutions we recommend to assist you with a smooth running tenancy. More information is available in the Auckland Property Management Tenancy Handbook available in the Tenant Info Centre.