Tips for Tenants – Saving Power

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on July 22, 2019 | Property Management, Tenants

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Check out our compilation of power saving tips from tenants we received during a recent Facebook competition.

Winter can see those power bills increase so we asked our tenants to share with us their best power saving tips to help others get through the colder months.

Congratulations to APM tenants Samantha Watts and Andrea Cooper who won themselves a $50 supermarket voucher for sharing their tips in our recent Facebook competition.

Check out some of the great advice from savvy power users below:

  • Use a hot water bottle instead of electric blanket to keep warm.
  • Plan your meals to reduce using your oven, e.g make two nights worth instead of one.
  • Turn appliances and electronics off at the wall when not in use.
  • Don’t over fill your kettle/jug, boil just what you need.
  • Turn off lights when not using rooms.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Shut windows and close curtains before dusk to help keep the warmth in.
  • Place a hot water bottle under your duvet half an hour before bed.
  • Clear accumulated fluff in the dryer so clothes dry faster.
  • Dry clothes outside instead of inside.
  • Reduce the oven use by using crockpots, e.g make soups and casseroles.
  • Also reduce oven use by cooking a big stew in the oven and freeze portions to reheat during the week.
  • Snuggle up under blankets.
  • Use your local laundromat to dry clothes.
  • Stop the shower while washing your hair.
  • Dress to the conditions, and put extra clothes on when getting cold.

Some power saving tips from Auckland Property Management Property Managers:

  • Wheatbags are an effective way to warm up, and you can even make them yourselves!
  • Keeping doors closed is one way to keep heating centralised to certain living areas, conserving heat and power.
  • Block gaps in doors with door snakes.
  • Use cold water for your washing machine instead of warm or hot water.
  • If looking for a new appliance, browse energy efficient options, they usually state the energy rating.

If you have any questions about saving power in your property, be sure to talk to your Property Manager for ideas.