What Body Corporates can do with common areas

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on February 13, 2019 | Body Corporate

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The traditional summer vacation period was a great opportunity for us to stop and take the time to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. To smell the roses so to speak.

So we welcome you to 2019 and ask: could your Body Corporate, Residents’ Association, or Cross Lease property benefit by undertaking a thorough review of all the common area spaces this year in particular the grounds, gardens, as well as any shared foyer/landing areas? Not necessarily just to fill these spaces with fragrant roses, but rather add a function, form, and aesthetic to the overall property for the benefit of all?

In multi-story apartment buildings for example, how is the common area foyer/landing areas presented? Could these be beautified with the introduction of hired plants, furniture or wall paintings? Similarly a lush, well maintained common area garden signals that the property is well cared for and potentially flourishing.

At one Body Corporate that we manage, a dedicated Committee member was delegated the role of undertaking an audit of all the common area grounds, gardens and plantable areas. They started with a copy of the site plan, highlighting all of the areas of interest, and then undertook a physical walk around of the complex. Consequentially, they produced a report to the Committee with a summary outlining a series of recommendations that had been fully costed. This was then endorsed by the Committee and presented at the following AGM with an allowance included into the proposed annual budget for owners to consider and possibly support.

Obviously not every property is the same nor shares the same needs. In the example at the above Body Corporate, the owners actually agreed to dip in to their contingency fund rather than raise their levies to pay for the improvements and then agreed to slowly replenish this fund over the next few years. Whichever way you do it; at least think about what it is you could do, and if we can be of any assistance then let us know. We are here to help.

Steve Garland

General Manager – Body Corporate Division

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