What can a Body Corporate do?

Posted by Auckland Property Management on June 15, 2018 | Body Corporate, News

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Auckland Property Management has been working hard over recent years to be able to demonstrate the value that an independent Body Corporate Management company (led by our team of excellent Managers and Administrators), can bring to the properties that we manage on behalf of the owners to ensure that they are running as smoothly as possible.

Our goal for all our Body Corporate Managers is for them to be able to demonstrate precise administrative knowledge of every building which they manage with a focus on reducing or even removing your risks as an individual owner or as part of a wider Committee group.

Through individually tailored service delivery, the Body Corporate team at APM is committed to ensuring that every owner of an Apartment, Townhouse, Unit in a Body Corporate or Cross Lease, or a Residents Association, can rely on an impartial third party Manager to make sure that their best interests are being served and risks are reduced or eliminated. For Body Corporate clients in particular, we have produced a helpful guide which details the services that we offer as part of the duties covered by the Body Corporate Management Administration Fee included in your annual budget. A similar guide is also available for Cross Lease clients.

One of the themes to the responses in our recent client survey was the often asked question: “What is a Body Corporate?” and “What can a Body Corporate do?” On our website there is a useful link called Introducing Strata – Bodies Corporate for beginners produced by Strata Community Association NZ (SCANZ) which APM is a founding member. This is a very useful resource to help unveil some of the mysterious of Body Corporate living.

It is imperative to us that what really matters for our owners is that you have confidence to know that your Body Corporate Manager has your best interests at heart as well as the best interests of the Body Corporate.

To those of you who have completed our recent Body Corporate NPS survey, thank you. We are committed to continuous improvement and appreciate all the feedback that we have received. It’s a critical part of the important work that we do in making sure that your buildings are run like well-oiled machines and that we listen to the people that we serve. So in the areas where you have provided accurate negative feedback, we will address those areas that you have raised and look to improve. For those of you that have provided very positive comments as well as testimonials we thank you and look forward to continue to be able to demonstrate the value that we aim to bring to your property.

Steven Garland

General Manager
Body Corporate