What is the process of appointing Auckland Property Management to manage your rental property?

Posted by Auckland Property Management Ltd on October 21, 2020 | Property Management, Video Blog

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Toni Heath, Auckland Property Management’s Business Development Manager discusses what the process of appointing a professional property management company to manager your rental property.

So you have made the decision to appoint Auckland Property Management as your authorised agent in dealing with your investment property / portfolio, what can you expect from this process?

The first step is to arrange a meeting with our new business team to discuss your expectations and concerns when it comes to the management of your property.

The next step towards professional property management is to complete and sign our Property Management Authority.

A Property Management Authority is a very important legal document that details the conditions of our service to you and your property. This will include, amongst other things:

  • Legal name of entity / person the property is registered to, as well as bank account details for payment of rent income.
  • Details on payments for outgoings such as Body Corporate levies, utilities, maintenance, etc.
  • Management packages, of which there is a choice of 3 for both properties in Auckland and on Waiheke Island. Our Management Packages include a range of different services including financial guarantees, and landlord insurance.
  • Reference to compliance documents (detailed below).
  • Special instructions such as protective covering on furniture for wooden floors.
  • Tenant and owner liability relating to gardens, water, etc.
  • Details of chattels included in tenancy.

We also require the following documents/statements from you to ensure the rental property is compliant with Residential Tenancies Act requirements, such as:

  • Smoke Alarms (type, number, positions in property)
  • Healthy Homes (statement advising compliance with standards for insulation, ventilation, heating, moisture ingress and drainage and draught stopping)
  • Health and Safety (asbestos management, potential hazards, meth contamination)
  • Insurance (type of insurance cover, excess)


By law, we are required to present a copy of a landlord’s insurance policy to tenants on request detailing excesses due in the event of negligent damages. Specialist insurance options may also be included here, such as Real Landlord Insurance covering loss of rent and damages. Talk to your Property Manager about specialist landlord insurance if you have any questions.

Once the Property Management Authority is completed and signed, you are welcomed to the services of Auckland Property Management!


The next step in the process is marketing your property.

Click here to watch the next step on how we use the best tools available to market your property.

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